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The Logical Answer

The Logical Answer

Part One

Blacks Law Dictionary
definition of "money"

b. of monetary value

This means anything which is worth money, is regarded in law to be the same as money. In effect, goods are money. This is what the word collateral means. This is why a debt collector will take 'goods to the value of' on unpaid debts.

Part Two

Because of usury banking (an offense against God for which the deity Christ smashed up the moneylenders in the temple and was arrested for social disorder), the National debt situation is such that the debt is increasing all of the time.

This is why the western economy depends on war. It needs to assume collateral from outside its dominion. A child born into this system through birth registration is immediately put into billions of pounds worth of debt (compare population size against national debt rate).

This is stupid anyway because the size of the national debt is rising so fast and is so big that:
***It can never be repaid.***

Islamic banking does not have usury (charging of interest on borrowing money). This is one reason why islam is so successfully and rapidly taking over so much of the world; it has a better, fairer, cleaner and more ethical economic system.

Part Three

Art has monetary value.

Example, although Vincent Van Gogh whom i am sure you will have heard of, only sold one painting in his life (to his brother), because everybody though his art was crap; it is now regarded as National Treasure and his paintings are worth millions of (units of currency, eg; pounds, dollars, euro, yen, bitcoin, lindens). More money than most people will ever have in their whole lifetime.

Part Four

Not only does the legal system permit repayment of debts using collatoral (eg; art) and is actually geared up toward doing so, despite greedy and under-educated corporate workers usually not recognizing that fact as a real thing; which means all of us have a legal Right to repay debts by use of art - this also makes Artists a nations greatest asset because it is only the artists who are capable of producing sufficient colateral with which to repay the national debt.

Look around you and count how many of the things in your immediate environment are not the product of design process, the result of an artists vision either being put into industrial mass production, or a one-off and unique artifact. That is how important artists are in human civilisation.

Only the innovation and productivity of artists can create new things which can be used to repay the national debt. It is very obvious when you see it.

The logical answer is to cut out the middle step. Do not convert art into promissary notes to repay debt with promisary notes; issue art directly as payment. The legal system says that this is legal. You have a right to do this.

Part Five

Why then is it, given the above situation, that artists are regarded as mental health patients and social outcasts more often than they are regarded as visionaries whose productivity spins the money wheel ? Why are artists who need to think outside of the box to function, considered abnormal compared with the people who do not produce anything new but who still use usury based banking and are party to the national debt?

My own personal views on the issue of scrapping national debt and enforcing a better financial system are irrelevant to this discourse. It is purely to illustrate the situation as it is, from the perspective of a socially persecuted artist baring the stigma of being too creative to belong in the oppressive social system which permeates and endorses usury.

If domination by the usury based financial system does not end, it is only artists who are capable of liberating all of us from being born into and living in perpetual debt slavery. Yes, if you use promissory notes as currency, you are involved in a debt slave system, you are a slave by definition of the word. Artists have a chance of ending that. Please be nice to artists. They are more valuable to our species and to our civilisation than are non-artists.*

*Does not apply to Islam.

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