Monday, 23 February 2015

immortal society

The invisible community, also known as the immortal society.

The ones who are meant to, do. Remember that. The spirit voice takes control of me when i enter the house and come into peace. It begins to write through me. I do not want to be the tool of the spirit voice and struggle to write my own words. It is trying to guide me mainly by advise but also in my learning through the experience of it happening. It used the word house, "it is his house", just as i shrugged it off my mind to give me the space to think straight about what is happening enough to write about it. I feel it inside around my cranium wrapping into my brain, cradling it at the edges until it comes down through the center core of my brain to assume ownership of my kundalini. This happens to me so often i do not even notice it most of the time. I see the shapes of it like fire dancing around a matchstick. It is his house because he owned it before he died here, before i came. In voodoo the word house is used to describe the mind of the host, its function as a tool. When i began to explain to people that this is what is going on in my life, that i am becoming a spirit medium, they accused me of hearing voices and misdiagnosed me as mental health, for which i have been put onto long term benefits. It is my real experience of life and the more i research different indiginous cultures spirit beliefs the more sense it makes in describing what i am experiencing. Caucasian culture has very little knowledge base of this remaining from within itself because the pagan celtic shamanic wisdom keepers were lost where they thrive in other parts of the world. If it was false information that serves no real purpose, humanity would have dropped it from all over the world long ago. The word civil means to make civic, as in governed. Distaste for spiritism resulted because a culture actively involved in spiritism is less easy to govern than a mind control culture. Explaining to people that they are those mind control victims is not easy. That this is a real human tradition and a normal part of life. People with zero attention to it do not see it. Where science shows scientifically that spirits do exist, is not something the civic authorities can govern nor do anything about. The spirits have their own agenda because they are us and we are them, always moving toward its own perfect gravitational harmonic partner, in and out of the material world of time because time and mass are intrinsically linked, that is what energy is there are even scientific ratio's for it. Some of us remember it as a continuity better than others, because we can picture it to have a grid to hang our memories on to learn the shape of it and because we remember it well enough to see it as a grid. It is multilinear the grid is a spoke and all the other spokes are flares all coming into one central destination which we are rainbows from each at a marginally different frequency. Waveforms ride through the rainbow. It is multidimensional, these other parallel spokes of our journey. We are holographic projections: outward from the core and the return from the very finest ping of it the needle razor sharp tip. A spiky sea urchin shape but its spikes are grids. Is it where it ends or where it becomes more refined higher dimensional form of light? Ultraviolet spectrum entities. Between the matchhead and its flame is a gap, in which heat and match meet. It is invisible to our eyes yet so much is happening in that place. The third eye sees this stuff when it is activated, i have been eating turmeric and spirulana to decalcify it for a few days. Most people have fluoride rich diets which atrophies the pineal gland so they cannot see the flame to understand the match and its purpose, to decipher the invisible energy exchange. The medium learns this as a part of shamanic awareness, it is part of what shaman do. I am not the most advanced but by Thoth am one who was trained to write and so i can get this far in explaining it to whoever reads this. Most of the work is done not by writing which is so slow, but at immediate speed of thought. This manuscript is necessary. 

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