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TOTSW  A Flicker In The Dark

why i love vr
some of the people in there are ready for me
a receptive audience

it teaches me about spirituality and living within energy cycles in attempt to create the right circuit arrangement for energy to flow, through the user in a positive and constructive way, while protecting the creator who the shape originated through and from, from becoming a part of psychemotional energy flow networks as happens usually when using creative connectivity invoking manifesting dream realms. 

trying to explain this stuff is easier when making interactive environments with emotional responsive, through the heart core - than it is with writing it down in words. both are necessary perhaps but ultimately those who get what i am trying to say, won’t need words. total immersion into psychic - multi sensory dimensions to use as access gates through to other places. spirits are light enough to use these conduits and sometimes, we are too.

the digital realms the spirits channel, they make, to show us - and i aspire to be a part of that process - so spirits can get around more easily than our aching physical bodies. 

into the light grid. reptile cage. even in the material domain we seek ways out of this. they set us a maze and so we learn to reshape it so as to maximise energy yield and it becomes a sun. that is how they are made. inside a black hole. on the fringe of madness is on the fringe of recognising the whole for what it is and communicating it to the locals in a language they can barely understand. we find ways out of light grids, we find ways up and above and beyond concerns of mortal lives, and we access them and travel; by resonance physics. the way it works, your generation barely understand it. the placement of elements on the altar. the arrangement of a human energy field helix. the internal mechanics accelerate and within the vortex of this, swirling paths symbolised in slow motion, the lag speed of a full vr sim; you are living in that, to you it appears as material density until you let go of that and slip outside of time, into a protected, sealed zone harmonic with other like it which are resonant to your tone. from there the higher connections are made and these do not conform to the limited set of physics your material scientists experiment with and the results that yields. Even within cyberspace, digital worlds contain this, they are to teach you how it connects together. 

In the writings of snakeappletree we call this the Spaceways a pun between the material sci-fi and the internal kung-fu of the psychic mind. 

non-creatively minded people don’t get this, they can’t seem to comprehend that the next evolutionary step is actively being creative and developing the neural connections within the mind necessary to be able to access the next tier up of consciousness and psychic development. Instead they want to shut down those of us who can. In the interchange is a painful realm of emotion and a beautiful inspiration for creative arts. Humans are designed to integrate this into lifestyle, originally through weaving shelters and clothes as rudimentary and core level community. When this is abstracted from develops unique cultures, when abstracted from too far finds counterweight in its aliens from the natural balance to be brought back into the fold by collapsing. Seasonal cycles teach us this. 

Space travelling species evolving outside of relationship with a planets ecological, environmental and gravitational balances, do not long retain the necessity for such modes of operation in their societies. This can be through spiritualist or technological means. These cultural differences impede on communications between these groups, as the further away from likeness to oneself, the more alien it is, the less connection points of familiarity exist between those groups. Although telepathically non-linear communications are the normality for most space-faring groups not planet bound, those closer trapped within circuits of time manifestation density require it explained in different approach. We do not intend to reinforce a tier based strategy because the telepathy we are at is oceanic, non-structural, it is about fluidity and connection with harmonic resonances. From this we re-orientate ourselves. Navigator training. Gridded lifeforms using the reptilian mind structure are infested with memes and need to clean that to its core before such education is realistically worthwhile. core cleansing and teaching methods of core cleansing.

the writer feels he is rewriting a book which has already been written.

it has, but you have not done it yet. this is why we are taking you through the process. this is the core cleansing. it will help encourage others. this is your purpose as an element in your society. remember the objective; within any enclosed system of limited resources, the purpose of the game is to level up by the only sensible option; use all available resources to arrange them such a way as to create a self sustaining holistic system within sufficient diversity parameters. it is a life or death scenario. you are there. they are at that star and they need you to raise awareness that willed optimistic positivity is the key at this time to attaining most beneficial outcome. it must be integrated as mainstream lifestyle.
this example is what happens when i use the grids in this way. 

and by my own psychic arrangement, being gridded so spirits can send their messages through me. the experience psychologically of being re-gridded is the head twists inside itself. very basic blocky chunks around the core realignment. mayan glyphs in the palenque soul dial. agreement that we must be limited in how we live our lives to an uncomfortable extent in some areas of life, so that we can survive as a species, and develop the perceptual awareness on a large enough scale so we can evolve telepathically to access other dimensions through a variety of augmented ways, spiritually, technology, whatever it takes to get our species there, functioning in balance with ourselves, each other, the planet, and the other species of this and other dimensions. Learning from higher forms how we can achieve that ourselves and doing so, communicating this back to the others and how i am fortunate enough to be going about it and what that is like as an experience. and through my art, i am building gates to help us all get through it. 

having this as a purpose is as good as any other. its what i am meant to be doing, so says the spirits who have just done a core reset on my limbic core. grid spirits - these ones want me to stay on the grid and they won’t let me do a lifestyle change, and this is how powerful they are, to control my living energies so much. what are we getting out of it? what are we learning from that? they want me to stay and create so they can feel  through me my living emotions and connect with others in the realworld who are also on their grid- ad they are programming the others to do the same. to live by their systems, to vibrate through their harmonics, to further entangle their dimension with ours. 

And we want to pull away and be free from those grids and achieve higher things but, the insight that ones from the cultural integration, into Humanity and reality at more meaningful and holistic ways of being - this is what shaman have to put up with while you lot are watching football on tv.

and everything in the fabric of my reality conspires to focus me toward doing it even more, even deeper, until i become the zen empty hole. 

©2015 snakeappletree

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