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How do I become immune to Enochian? 

Is this a satanic question?

The second question is easier to answer; within Angelic lore, the entity now referred to as satan is an angel who speaks pure enchain upon which this material density of mass-time is created. That includes the laws of physics, the balance of nature, etc. It is possible within the mystery schools to leave that restrictive zone and engage with higher- and other- dimensional planes of being; something which Shamen regularly do. This does not make them satanic, it makes them liberated from such devices. They are closer to the Ascension which religious dogmatics refer. Perhaps this is why the West has historically persecuted them. The alchemical process of enlightenment is a process of becoming immune form Enochian.

Is there such thing as Enochian ‘spells’ ?
Everything is vibrational; Enochian words set a motion through th physics set by accessing higher- and other- dimensional planes so as to cause events within the satanic third dimension in which so many people are trapped as the limitation to their perceptions and abilities.

It is very important to get things right.

Originally, what is now referred to as satan was a totally different concept, from which the association with evil is a mis-interpretation. 

Lucifer is Hebrew and it means “the most beautiful light”. This can refer to two things; the 5th dimensional plane often mistakenly called heaven, and the emanation from Heaven which has slowed, cooled, and settled down into mass-time (the physical dimension). With this comprehension we can easily see that material base sciences are exclusively the dominion of satanic studies, although the bias of it being evil needs to be understood as a separate and alternate version than the actual experience, the physics behind it all. 

Lucifer was ‘cast out’ of ‘heaven’ which means literally, the most beautiful light is sown of the 5th dimension. Hebrew for ‘cast out’ literally means ‘sowing’ as in sowing of seeds; you grab a handful, and you throw them on the field. They have been ‘cast out’. From this, grows the dimensions of time and mass, the particles which make the material density within which we temporarily occupy and interact. It is a living, ongoing process which is why I write it in present tense.

When I wrote the first question here it was because i can recognise myself to be caught upon an Enochian chain, events which occur as manifest situations follow the pattern, conform to the rules of such a thing. One has to be certain that is occurring rather than projecting the associations onto events as a form of wishful thinking. Having studied the tarot which is a method by which these events can be analysed by projection of them as a grid for reference, which requires lifetimes of study to fully comprehend, I am certain that an Enochian whisper ha entangled me. It is not one which I have summoned or willed into being although it is now a part of my journey and my ongoing studies. By writing this text, I am separating myself from and exorcizing myself of, that particular chain.

I typed the question into Google and it came up with nothing at all. Nobody inputs knowledge of the multi-dimensional keys of the light helix into the internet, which is ironic because the internet is itself a dimension constructed of light-chains which function similarly to the Enochian principle.

Enochian is what happens when Gemetria alters the mutable physics with which Lucifer has blessed us an earthly dimension through which to travel and experience. Although ‘snakeappletree’ is in the english Gemetria 888 which is a cycle on from the book written by Crowley and the same harmonic as that of Christ; I have no intent not teach my knowledges of it. I refer to it as a study several times in my writings available on the internet for free. There is a very good reason for this decision.

People do not understand what Enochian is. A popular sci-fi movie taught the mind-programmed zombie hoard that it is ‘the language of angels’. The assumption is that Angels are what people are told they are without knowing what they actually are. They are flow lines and many of them enter into the material domain; we can access those flows. They each have different persona. It is a much bigger topic than can be discussed in one blog.

I do not judge Lucifer, I do not agree that it is inherently evil, and I do not believe the dogma of the religions which persecute it. The reason for this is because none of those religions actually comprehend what Angels are. Depicted as humanic charactures, the symbology becomes entirely misleading. It would be better to describe them as the grid-lines through which energy flows and shapes particles and events within mass-time. They control the laws of physics, which are mutable. Their function and purpose is diverse and it does not help to get caught in the dogma as to their nature and purpose and long-term agenda’s. 

There is no battle in Heaven, to suggest so is to entirely miss the purpose of Heaven. Therefore, life on earth is not a reflection of the battle in Heaven. That is all programming individuals into mind-control paradigms to enslave us and remove our true power; to use us in agenda’s which are larger than human scope to comprehend. That itself is closer to what the concept Satan is all about. Humans are intended to be free of such chains and games. 

Thus the quest to become free of Enochian chains; 

How can I become immune to Enochian?

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