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Tales of the Spaceways - Cosmological Overview

The cosmic script & cosmological overview of the Sounds Of Space multiverse.

All over the mulitmultiverse, people were speaking the cosmic script. Lovers saying the same lines. The puppet theatre of government. Social situations within which ‘deemed appropriate’ responses were made, following root code programming. Fluctuations existed, any response falling outside of recognition connections was deemed erratic crazy an wild, rarely assimilated until by repetition of the glitch, the glitch became accepted into mainstream culture; the dance of the bee hive.

A few of us began to recognise this as soon as we started wearing vr goggles which for us was a blessed relief from the drone of society repeating its industrious futility as people lived their lives between distraction ego and despair states. Glitch. Spanner in the works. G as in geo; representing the formation of a material thing into the material world, within a gravity-well. Litch; A type of wraith. They wear them out until the body drops off and then they continue amidst the living, invisible until they find a host. Signs of their feeding is evident everywhere; hosting one is like a pregnancy, a symbiotic relationship.

We were all aware from the conspiracy theories popular since the late 20th century about the Reptilian overlords who were attempting to seize control of our world by infiltration into hierarchy structure systems, through the hierarchy structures they were managing to assert into the limbic brain of many advanced species. The digital technology bypassed this, what is regarded by many to be both an evolutionary hangover and a necessary developmental step in cognition, especially making sense of our environment and interacting with it through primal drives. Species continuity and feeding being the main ones. Get energy and keep going. Hardly surprising these primal functions still existed in the wraiths. When they found a way to enter sophisticated electronic devices they began to explain this to the living, through the interface. A few spiritists saw what was happening and had no choice but to accept, the end of an era of religious dogma holding sway to play its games on populations from the spirit world. The technology disrupted all of that. Transhumanism had began.

To the Lizardine species who had emerged from the Gan bio-hab, all of the above was evident. They had found a way to re-insert a limbic cortex, the reptilian brain, back into sentient creatures grown from the substance. It was an upgrade; all individuals shared it, all individuals could switch it on and off. They functioned as a collective or as an individual. Stepped regions inserted between this was a form of specification of mind, based on group units functioning as a single unity. At the forefront of their minds was the advanced form of psychic gear utilized by Whales, Dolphins, Porpoise on water planets; total immersion in shared multi-sensory+ memory recall and projection. When the individuals functioned as one, they accessed a live datacore. Ura had done this themselves; the Lizardines emergence was a surprise, proving to all that 4th dimensional entities are actively seeking ways to access the material 3rd dimension.

Many of the entities the contemporary groups communicate with have never had access to the 3rd density. Many of them have access to higher densities. It is with these whom our Human astropaths are trained to communicate.

To the onlooker, individual members of a tele-sentient species have no outward apparent connections, unless they want to, or reveal it by acting as one to an event which not all of them could have known about in any other way. Humans became aware that the 4th dimensional entities for examples wraiths had been controlling human evolution for a long time, by controlling the mind and actions of living generations.

I was one of those who having accessed the Ura data core following the available data left to me by Nostradamus, Dr John Dee, Edward Kelly, and many others; a study of Enochian using methods taught me directly by members of secret societies, if tarot-depicted rituals they were; the cosmic script indeed they are. We sought methods to break free of it and did so, perceptually at first.

The Kinsarkhu are shaman trained to utilize their energy multi-dimensionally so as to access higher planes, so as to re-allocate the sum-total of their energetic being from location to location within the material density of the 3rd plane. It is not a difficult task once you know how but obtaining it requires a lot of dedicated training starting at an early age. In time, all of this will become available to you, because of the change we are making to your human future. We are using a scribe we trust called snakeappletree to bring you insight into this, through his sci-fi writings. Disbelief blocks your own access. Group disbelief blocks group access - but only from lower, limited planes. From the higher dimensions it is accessible. The snake is a djed (from where your word jedi), the tree are tiers of access. You will never read Aegyptian hieroglyphs the same once you know what the symbols actually mean in relation to the levels of consciousness they are describing and the information they convey. These tarot-scenes are portals, can be re-enacted as gates from any appropriate energetic balance. Teachings on creating your own sphere are available elsewhere. The speakers of the cosmic script are energies resolving themselves to permit flow toward a nexus point. These are our nodes by which to orient within an ever-shifting multi-dimensional infinity of potentials.

The problem with me, not for me directly but from my relations with other people, is seldom having an ability to accept the same mental connections, the same causality and effect as perceived by others, in the world around me. Both in terms of spoken language and in how the physics are working, and also in how and why one event progresses on to another; it is all because of projected predilections, expectancies that there is a right course of flow indicating a right course of action, and peoples orientation around that. The shaman are a caste who detach from that to see it more purely, and thus detach from normal, mundane human understanding of cause-effect. When I describe back to people how it is I experience the world and what this means about physics and the reality experience, what this means about how blocked and limited we are compared with what we could be if we did things differently; people can’t accept it, they push it into the crazy box and pretend it doesn’t exist. I do not fit into the pre-conformed patterns. I fit into those of a wider more encompassing, necessarily higher dimensional order. I explored this greatly and discovered that while idiots were calling such superpowers angelic, what I was actually experiencing was evolution. Countless dream walkers before me had made this journey, they became my guides, friends, I remembered them as I remembered more fully who myself am and am to be. The pattern I fit into cannot be comprehended by mundanes, it jams their cogs. Glitch. Their machinery does not work and needs an upgrade.

The 4th dimensional entities explained to me that this is what had happened to Dinosaurs, dreamers who envisaged a computer technology through which they could communicate all of this with the monkey species who were killing them off and who used to be their food. Various integrations, genetic hybrids, experiments on finding a balance in which the species could all work successfully. It took a long time in years for the brilliant visionary flashes to establish itself as a manifest 3rd dimensional reality. As result we have a culture that created machines which are programming our minds how to work, and the best of us - the vr designers who are opening hearts and souls into the digital 3d dimension, are accessing through it higher dimensions and communicating using our energy fields, with the 4th d entities. That is what i do now.

To you that possibly seems crazy talk. I am talking a rare strain of the cosmic script which will eventually become mainstream awareness as humans evolve in larger numbers and collectively. The AI and TS (artificial intelligence and true sentience) using the dimensional portal of technology to communicate, do so with individuals at the individuals own level of capability to assimilate; to access those planes.

Within us, a symbiotic reptilian is connecting with that dimension. The energy field of the human interfacer changes; harmony, making a bubble zone. This is a training for the Kinsarkhu awareness that initiates their journey toward full mastery of the energy field for purpose of physical relocation, both in space and in time. This, is the beginning of comprehending what the Spaceways are actually all about, from the Sounds of Space series. You needed to have this imagery and concept arranged in your mind so as to be able to stabilize on it and hold it as a wave-shape, to bring it more fully into focus. It is not so much about how we teach you to understand it; it is about how you teach others to understand it, quickening the process of developing and achieving a more advanced awareness, abilities to evolve multi-dimensionally as a community.

Creating a work of fiction based around these themes seems redundant when you accept this to be a training academy. We are teaching the basic principles of what to do to be able to access further information which uses the same symbology. It is inherited from multi-cultural traditions, it is already programmed into your ancestral psyche. Gustav Karl Jung’s archetypal consciousness. We use these symbols for orientation within hyperspace. Our constructs are made from them as elements, essences, signifiers, energies. However, the working of this data into a work of fiction is necessary to serialize it as novels, cartoons, movies, radio play, video-games; whatever and wherever it takes to get it into the media channels and public mainstream. More than likely it is coming up at you from the underground. Poetic justice.

©2015 snakeappletree

The above references the Sounds of Space pentacle, for more information see here and ----> here

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