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I was having a bad day when i wrote this. The decision to detach from emotion, which some people describe as psychotic and some people describe as necessary to the extent there are many school teaching it, as well as the (insufficient  number of) schools freely teaching how to detach from the brain in its creative and logic, reptilian and mammalian aspects so as to experience life as an entirely emotional journey if one wishes (and one has the Human Right to Worship so as to do this, which throws a spanner in the works of the bureaucratic state and education into math and reading, usually creates a baby boom and swollen prison population when people live this way). Turning a bad thing into a good thing, I decided to check my website statistical data to see if anyone out there gives a crap about my existence at all and to distract me from having to livew with myself on a bad day.

the FukU list

too many to mention... examples;

fem-dom. corrupt government workers. bullies. usury. slavers. terrorists. polluters. zombies.

In short, to quote intellectual french philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon;

“Whoever lays his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant: I declare him my enemy.”

This post exists because of the following hard evidence that my message IS getting across and influencing people.

The following is a copy/paste from one of my websites statistical data page:

Interestingly enough is the same numbers involved with the paying of my rent which I did today.

Update: 5.12.5


A little bit of positive energy goes a long way; things are indeed looking up. 

If you are interested in numerical data then you might be interested in the Auriglyphica of snakeappletree, a mighty tome containing separeate but related manuscripts, some of which can be found here: 

I have been accused of starting a cult. I assure you that I have no intention whatsoever of starting a cult. I may becoming a cult figure which is a different thing in the ego-media society, a factor I use to my advantage, having studied for decade to become egoless. See preface to this blog. The FuKu list has indeed grown since then and I still will not write the names of individuals which is longer than my memory. 

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