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The Tenth Gate

The Tenth Gate

As a teenager and during my early twenties I received a special education into tantra a a part of a larger syllabus. Most of this was done through mystery schools and therefore a lifestyle resulting in experiences outside of mainstream awareness. To make this acceptable as a non-cultist sounding activity, the effective and therefore larger part of these teachings is a spiritual discipline involving harnessing and focussing personal energy, through the chakra.

The biggest problem I have had with this, is egotists paradigm being the mainstream mainframe people refer to when looking for how to react to new ideas outside of and more encompassing than their previous understanding. Any individuals ability to integrate or even welcome new ideas must be tested before the larger teachings are imparted. It is a practical study however the purpose of education is to learn something for the purpose of practicing it to achieve a desired result. Under-educated, ignorant people do seem to have trouble recognizing this, and are unwelcome to new ideas. Therefore they will not be able to successfully integrate any further information regarding the syllabus.

I have not been the best teacher of this information primarily because the majority of people fall into the above category and are hostile toward it. This is what I refer to as ego games. This is the primary distraction from achieving results with the syllabus, which requires a non-egotistical state of being to be shared between people involved. Therefore by necessity further methods have been developed to attain these states. Discovering students and partners to further my own studies has proved to be very difficult. I study by myself which results in the body of knowledge I am talking about here, being integrated into the larger body of knowledge with an onus on other areas of it which supersede the tantric education. I have become a specialists specialist. As a result, since there is little or no available information outside of egotistic control groups who, when I have studied with them, have proven to know less about it than I do and yet are calling themselves masters, I come to realize that what I am is the sum total assimilation of multiple branches of several divergent mystery schools, with very few others even aware that it is possible to attain the levels I contain.

This has helped me to understand very much about the specialist areas of which I vaguely refer. I host travelling souls, astral projectors, so that within my energy field and the dimensions it can access, can travel and network. I am a spirit medium but my work is not to sit in a hall and ask for messages form the spirit world for anybody who has gathered here, it does not work like that for me. I have little control over the gates, and neither would I want to.

Assimilating this level of self-awareness requires more than decades of study. Several entirely other bodies of knowledge which relate to these ones, combine to show me that transmigration enables us to assimilate, from within one lifetime, not only memories of past and future lifetimes which are within our frequency bandwidth to perceive, also an ability to connect with other souls throughout that network and utilize their skills and abilities, to influence their individual lives no matter where in time and space they are. My spirit flares out throughout time and space through so many living souls, and through all of them I speak a vibration of Love which is the energy this rides on.

Unification of all of the above into one tradition, one syllabus, is a heavy task and yet I feel some responsibility to do so. To retrace my sources would take a long time and is unecessary given that astral souls can access the light body akashic as it exists. And I do, and it does. This is what I am, measured most accurately by the symbology of my mayan birth chart. I know what it is to be that thing.

A thing either is or it is not. This thing is, and it cannot be exploited because it can only be accessed by those things which are not against it, e.g.; impurity of intention. I am a gate through which a person can travel only when they are genuinely ready for it. This understanding has for me been a teaching every step of the way, through all my experiences. It is a creed by which the spirits respect. Ego cannot access it.

Finding the right student / partners has been difficult for these reasons; most people are not ready for it while they are wearing living bodies.

Thanateros, only a small part of the greater whole, is a phrase containing two key concepts upon which the modern mystery school syllabus is based. It was forming throughout the late twentieth century to hold as singularity the very basic original core purpose of its origins. Thanos is death, which means spiritism and transmigration. Eros means sexuality. The tantra to which I refer is physically and energetically, erotic while spiritually and energetically, concerns development of telepathic communion and insight into the spirit world. During my twenties and early thirties, this was the core of my study. It is ongoing; the part which I no longer study is the erotic aspect due to the problem of egotism being the mainstream culture.

I have lived through living hell, which is the forging. The alchemical process of the sword in the stone, flint-blade-fire, smelting ore and making tools, Archangel Michael with his black armour and fiery sword. Insight, the sharpening of focus and the senses, including extra-sensory abilities. I have been blessed with the education to see my life for what it is, as other than a string of tragedies but as a step by step experiencing of lessons as compacted by the education from the mystery schools.

I have been accused of cultism by people who do not respect that somethings are hidden for a reason, that power in the wrong hands is dangerous. It is nothing sinister, it is a protective measure. I have researched and discovered how splinters of the same ancient mystery school date back to the paleolithic, that pagan cultures do have a common source and an ancient symbol series encoded into us to understand it. The purpose is liberation.

Our ancestors, ourselves in former lives, knew that it would take many incarnations for all of this to be experienced, for the project of human evolution into a more spiritual species, to become a lived reality. Even now we live at a time of transition; every moment is a gate. We are living during an era of change. What marks us as one of the absolutes is that any group can move only as fast as its slowest moving member. There comes a time when individuals in sufficient numbers decide to segregate themselves off from the slowest moving members so that they may pioneer and ascend. I was and am one of these but I am also a record keeper, a guide.

From this stance of having to balance, I have learned to stretch far in many directions, and from there to stretch far in many directions. I know but a handful of alternate realms to this one, and yet it is sufficient for me to begin the process of letting go of this realm entirely. It serves no purpose for any for me to stay; I have left these records as a hint, and as an apology that I was not able to impart yet deeper levels of insight to more people. Your ignorance protects you from the feeling of loss which you would experience if you had only an inkling into how much vaster that scope is and how much brighter the world could have been, had I not been persecuted for being who I have had to be; a gate is a bridge.

Those moments of pleasure are rare, a treasure.

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To write a potted history of it, is probably necessary although will have to be done referentially and in shorthand if the task is to be accomplished, to do it justice. I have to balance the volume that would take, with the actual intent of teaching the important bits. I do not wish to lose the histories, with respect for the traditions, magickal and shamanci schools; it spans thousands of years and many academics are writing better than I can about those sub-areas. The purpose is ultimately to let go of the past by coming to peace through acceptance, that we may progress and evolve beyond need for attachments to lower frequency dimensions. History is, ultimately, a lower frequency dimensions. Throughout the histories, the purpose has been to wake people up to their own immortal self, to remember past lives and to expand the senses to incorporate conscious dreaming, telempathic communication, and access to other realms, preferably higher ones although at least more relevant to us at that stage of the journey. It is all maya which means both dreamtime and illusion. The schools exist to rapidly ascend our perceptions so that we can perceive through and beyond illusions, to become more true entities. It is not about ego power, but it is about power; the energy it takes to be true to the focus; {truth, love}.

So... it is impossible to write down most of the techniques and futile to write about them. These are things to be experienced to be understood. What I can write about is the whole general thing. At times I feel the bulk is already done and available through websites I have written on. At times I can see that I have not even yet begun the great work. At times it is imperative that I communicate this information. At times it is irrelevant to ever do so. It all depends on the personality, the nature, of whoever is connecting with me at any given time. Finding the space and clarity to see what I must do for myself is a rare thing.

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