Friday, 27 November 2015


Brown Into Blue 

I see aura’s, am synaesthetic, I see colour when I hear sound. It is multi-sensory.
A symbol opens into a video-game environment.
Branches within Branches, kaleidoscopic tentacles
This has come from symbiosis with sacred spirit allies, mushrooms and cannabis
Purple spectrum
Third Eye chakra
Mine goes off the top of the scale, it was tested,
yes we have ways to test for these things
Yellows and Browns are;
Envy and greed, perversion, corruption.
Red is the fire, passion heat where browns are the staining.
It all comes from black and aspires toward white. 
Blue is the tones which heal.
The amount of black in it shows how far from healing toward white;
the black is the hole pulling us toward healing,
the stains are keeping us from getting there and manifest as perverse, as corrupt, as the wyrm
Brown and Blue work in harmonic to balance each other; once balanced, achieves green
heart chakra
And so I can read through music, very much information about the composer and what energies are flowing through them
music is a portal, it sets the particle vibration of the molecules in the room around us
By projecting coloured light into a space,
by my chilling out there, feeling comfortable there, making my own space there; earthing the zone by placing my core, the world core, and the 24 grid into the bed-rock of a place, it stabilises
when healing sick places, knowing what colours to tone it with is essential
this is an empathic trait, ability, to feel, sense, bring forth earth core healing energy
uplift the lives of all who are somewhere
sometimes the consequences are impactive; a building needs to be replaced
is beyond my ability to make happen, i am not on the council, i do not own the building
but to heal a sick neighbourhood, what can i do?
beam that colour as a channelled cone
into the centre of the problem
coming into the problem is going into the black-brown of its sickness
learning its nature without being affected by it
requires detachment
and a shield, my own protective layer of invisibility a cloak around me
i do not want to battle with the zone by affronting its temper,
the temperament of a tone, its nature
so i slip easy and watch, i stalk it, i learn it
this can take years for big projects
i am working on a town, a street, a room, myself
energy healers form around the world helping each other to sustain our vision]that we can do this; as a healing for ourselves, each other, the sick
there is so much very cancerous nasty slime needs clearing from our people
all of our people, everyone of us
the sickest ones, the ones building more of the wrong tones, the agents of the sicknesses; they need healing most of al
hence peoples interest in politics and wanting the state to fall
is because it upholds all that
but there is a lot of red and blue in there also
and it does aspire toward whiteness despite the lessons we are living through
we need to keep clean, eco-hygiene is essential
the higher harmonics
i see social movements as elements within music, the structure of sound
notation and digital sequencing
this song of history and all its threads seen as motions, tides, flowing within the whole
mathematically symbolised by the stock exchange
and organically, by evolution and environment; genetically
we are working toward
fusion without confusion
Turning the brown into blue by uplifting it with colour tones, sound colours are precise notes
the melodies to lift them, re-orientate them
felt through as emotions
herbal potions of the soul
those tones, colours, sounds, emotions, vibrations
sent into the earth and pipes of a sick place
the blue and the white
this is feng shui, kung-fu of energy
these healers,
the kinsarkhu
spread throughout the world in a network
so often untrained, but; once oriented
study their abilities to do this very thing
the task of healing places
until proficient to heal people
groups of us collectively sending tonal chants at the ill infrastructures and their terrible agents
it is a better way than war
it is a better way than pollution
Aquarian energy healing
You are 80% made of water
You can do this too
I read Frank Herberts Dune and the colours in that, names so perfectly matched with real world locations and people, that studying realworld history I recognized the flow of events of the late 20th early 21st century, through the symbolism of the book; the tones he was making with his writng. The crusades continues, west verses east, the usury bank cabal and the desert oil nations, yellow and black, from where the blue healing comes, is necessary; the purple.

The west forgot that its own nature is to make its own purple, by integration with the land. across europe, hunter-gathering became agriculture became plastic productivity of consumerism. The trap was not a trade coin; the trap was charging money for moneylending; debt-slavery.
There are many sicknesses around that core which religious spirituals call satanism.
I will not list them here. Their sick sewer scented hues require tones of healing such as that for which ireland and wales are famous, the celtic voice, musical nations around the world.

The yellow-brown stain of sickness can be healed, 
by vibrating those locations with the healing tones. 

That's how we are breaking up the networks of abuse.
The Sun is doing this; 
for us to walk the path, we simply have to re-tune ourselves, working with solar energy, to become its conduits for how we go about living our lives here on earth. 
Activities, meditations, how we steer our energies, into what do we give our life-flow.

That is what the solar-punk movement is about as a literary genre of the early 21st century, emerging as a next-progressive stage from steampunk popular of the first decade.

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