Sunday, 13 March 2016

Goblin Soul

"graffitti tunnel at waterloo.ever changing graffitti." Margaret Brookes

"This little piece of writing reminds me very much of the incredible street zines of the sixties, the countercultural revolution. I actually feel inspired to get out my art supplies and draw a zine with these words spread out thru each page, kind of like the old old Whole Earth Catalogs where one paragraph of a great story was in the bottom corner of each page...."  Rebecca Christian

Goblin Soul

"Graffitti tunnel at waterloo. Ever changing graffitti." Margaret Brookes
That is the crime. The over-painting of design. In the world of shared dreaming there is a goblin creature who photographs every single picture for the record. In the world of shared dreaming the grafitti wall extends on for ever and nothing is ever lost. We do not live in the world of share dreaming and graffiti for all its wonder is the living proof of that. We do not even live in the world of the immediate moment, we live in the world of yesterdays stale illusion. There is a way out of it but nobody is ready because the few, and I mean literally only a few of the 7 billion of us, who live in the co0ntinuos flow of the world of the living now, the really real alive people, the wizards who rule this world, those few free gods who walk amongst us, they don't care about consequence, they do what they want and usually the evil god of negativity sends agents to screw them down and fuck them over. We are taught about overcoming ego despite its use as a trade tool, because if we were taught the deeper reality about the id, we would live in a different world where the idea of being true to your own innate nature verses the confusion of acting on addictions until we recognise them for what they are and truly get ourselves sorted out, would be the ruling way of life here. So we are taught instead about detesting the ego because it gives a wider range of punishment and manipulation, based on desire without addressing the core issues of human nature as instinct verses addiction as our governing reflexes. A secret only the martial arts elite know. We over-paint our understanding and perspective of ourselves so that all we see is the temporal imagery and all we can use to see ourselves with is the temporal imagery painted by whoever most recently dared to make the change by ignoring yesterdays futility. And this is our age, this is our era, this is the human condition and has been for a very long time. All the wars and passions and hopes and broken dreams, the poverty and depression and hatred exploited by those who know how to focus hatred to achieve their subtle goals, all the distraction and lack of action because the fear of repercussion and loss of accumulated nonsense, all the emotional entanglements we project onto useless things and even more useless people because all they do is feed our temporary need for some-one else's ego to distract us from our own true divine nature as creator entities here in mortal form. Graffiti says it all, not the living face of today's banner but the yesterdays histories which no-one ever see's. Its a clever goblin you see, collecting all that bullshit and owning it while nobody else cares to pay attention. That's the one who gets ahead because it alone knows the immortal flow, recognizes symbolically patterns emerging up through an otherwise chaos of other peoples confused activities and learns the hidden keys, it might be a hundred artists but the threads manipulating them are the same creative keys, and these are the ones which turn the heads and get you thinking, perhaps there is after all a different way of doing things, another perspective we hadn't achieved before, the other side of a door i had not seen, through all the places we have been, questing for. And that goblin laughs a lot more than we do, collectively, crashing our dream into oblivion because we assumed it was all for nothing, watching our designs fade as fresh new attitude paints over them on a regular basis. That goblin knows the answers are found in different ways to yesterdays thinking. And this goes on eternally. The goblin of change, a collector of forgotten histories, pioneer of what we will become tomorrow. Let it into your head, let it into your souls and accept, we are a progressive species but we need to know the purpose of that trail, we need to know the goal. Goblin knows its something deeper than the human soul. 

With Love for Margaret Brookes who befriended me on facebook and put up with my force-field of aloof nature for long enough for me to look again and see she is a lot more colourful and bright than I pretend to be. 

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