Monday, 7 March 2016

Troll Slayer 101

Troll Slayer 101

A defining personality characteristic of Troll behaviour is that they operate from within an ‘us verses them’ mentality of competitiveness where they have to ‘come out on top’ by beating their perceived adversary. The methods used to depress their victim so as to gain satisfaction from causing misery include but are not limited to use of Strawman arguments.

Trolls love positions of authority and persecute anybody who does not respect that position, because they are incapable of understanding that respect is a thing to be earned, it is not a given automatic. They have to prove they are trustable, which means ultimately at the very deepest level, they have to be trustable and not use any manipulation in their activities. As soon as they do so, they lose respect and are no longer fit for the position of authority.

This is why internet forums administrators and moderators are more often than not occupied by Trolls. The hierarchy system itself is at fault because it permits this behaviour. The same thing is happening not only on internet forums but in every hierarchy system of every tier-governed organisation on the planet. Some of these have watch-dog systems to monitor them and expose Trolls for being unfit for office. Most however do not. This is a major problem affecting many lives and many areas of many societies, which Humanity as a whole will benefit greatly from addressing directly.

Never back down to a Troll. It is better to be blocked from a forum so that you are beyond the trolls range of manipulation and energy vampirism, than to repeatedly risk yourself by wanting to enter its lair. The world is vast, there are many - higher energy level - forums where you will have a less damaging experience.

Expose them and walk away. This is the very best strategy for encounters with Trolls.

Recently Trolls have adapted to this by collectively ganging up on and bullying Troll Slayers, using straw man arguments to discredit the Slayer by making it appear the Slayer is the troll. People with a Human mind and a Human heart can see these situations for what they are.

Trolls hide behind lies, positions of authority, and hearsay. All three of these things are irrelevant to Truthful people. You cannot be an effective Slayer if you are not a Truthful person, because the trolls will trip you up and test you by using any untruth you carry about with you, as a lever to depress you and exploit your energy.

Trolls do not function from Empathy. Only True people judge the world not visually, not by words, but by emotions as observed and experienced over the long-term. For this reason most effective Slayers are at least 30 years old because it does take at least that long to gain enough experience to become effective.

Trolls have tiny brains and always operate within a very limited range of psychological profiling, therefore they are easy to spot. They are cowardly creatures and will not usually expose themselves unless they feel comfortable that they have back-up, they operate in gangs. Some of them find their positions of authority encouraging, they will exploit that if they think they can get away with it.

Remember - drop tools and walk away, use your Block key. It robs them of the victory they had hoped to gain by emotionally and mentally screwing you with their power games, which really frustrates them. It is all about energy vampirism. There are two types of Trolls - those who are powerful and know a trick of how to vampire energy, and those who are zombies who support it but do not even recognise about themselves the full extent of how much they are zombies. Trolls are a horror movie, never forget that.

You do not have to live in a horror movie.

Troll Slayers are a unique caste who choose to expose these monsters for what they are, to improve life for all Humanity.

Some trolls can be saved, only once they have recognised the errors of their ways as a social interaction. We recommend to Trolls and Slayers alike to read the book The Games People Play by Dr Eric Berne which teaches transactional analysis in layman’s terms.

Remember - ‘Us vs Them’ paradigm is the problem. Do not become the thing you are attempting to destroy by falling into its cycles. 
The second Troll Trick which is worthy of mention is "copy block quote" utilised for character assassinations. They are sticklers for it. In some fields such as book editing it is a useful and necessary method to deconstruct lengthy statements line by line and tick-box their validity. On public internet forums where Human emotional response is an acknowledged factor of our communications, it illustrates the trolls inability to let go of a potential source of energy. They turn statements over without the objective clarity necessary to give value to their analysis; because Trolls are driven by strawman phallacies as the root of their hatred therefore they are not criticising the statement they are copy-block-quoting from a detached analysis, but within an agenda. It scientifically discredits them as being an objective and reasonable analyser. We live in such a society now that nearly all use of copy-block-quote is by Trolls rather than scientifically objective Humans.

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