Monday, 14 March 2016

Red Review

hell man ... don't get me wrong, as a rule I slam the lid down hard on emo genre music because it sucks, simply too angry to be pure authentic Goth. But having said that... check out this intro (Descent, track 1 from the album 'of beauty and rage') by RED.

The Album is called "Of Beauty And Rage" by a band I never heard of until now, called Red.

As the album progresses, track 2 reminds me verymuch of the Queen of the Damned movie soundtrack based on Anne Rices Vampire series. That's as far as I got with it yet, hand hovering on the 'switch this bullshit off' button simply because, emo ain't goth enough and I'm feeling humiliated even listening to this.

Somehow it works though, the symphonic classical theme with the ragey guitar stabs.

Oh track 3 is shit. I realize now why I hate it, the suspension of disbelief required to get into it is not nearly real enough for my dusty attic, gritty concrete, cold night through fractured glass sensibilities.

This music feel young and at the same time old, free's me from feeling my age I suppose because most its listeners are young teenagers and connecting with the audience through the vibrations is why I gave up being a musician, having got to the level of mad evil genius scientist with my electric machines and experiments into summoning and resonance physics.

What I am trying to say without getting sidetracked is, this music invokes a few hundred years ago of coming-of-age emotions and the harsh life we lived, consequences of stagecoach culture for the wealthy and autumn tree's, journeys to simply peasant folks watching civilized sorts in their finery, the forgotten generations before education taught us all to write, the forgotten times of lifes where life was so much harder than now, when all we have to cope with is the wolf within, stressed abusive elders taking it out on us, and poverty demands necessity. 

Feelings of sorrow and loss for people gone and what will become. Tearing apart inside from withdrawal symptoms, physical craving for the thing we should be strong enough to walk away from, comfort of the important thing where we belong.

We empath when we watch it on tv and hope it never happens to us for real, yet it does, a sacred rite of passage time after time. This soundscape does the same job. Actually I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It's fucking awesome. I guess I didn't want to grow up and admit that to myself. Eleven minutes in. 

Strange thing is, today I have been tidying up my studio and checking out burnt cherry verses burgundy red matte paint to fill the gaps between antique wooden furniture, the stuff with dark varnish and history. Trying to get away from the pirate ship theme and into something more classy, and not repeat the theme used in the similarly furnished green room I sleep in. These old Welsh houses and theme lifes, generation after generation. It's the piano riffs they connect us through time to dead peoples emotions, still vibrating someplace outside of time, that's what resonance physics is all about. Like with Cloud Atlas. This music is deep. 

Here's the full album.

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