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Intro to Egyptology

Introduction Into Egyptology

Egyptian Hireoglyphs do not have a simple, single translation. They are designed to work multi-functionally on multiple levels of cognition. This should be the first thing you learn about them; that the ancients knew what they were doing with the Mind, far more than we do.

This is why they are such great teachers for our dumbed-down, post-warfare era. Their insight was such that carving this information into stone to last for as long as possible was deemed necessary, that we may once again rise toward the same aspirations as did they, educated in methods of how to achieve it, and their knowledge of what is going on in the worlds, the physics of reality. It is very different from what you might expect.

The ancients believed not only in reincarnation (transmigration of the soul) but also that it is possible to re-awaken the memories of our past lives through specific methods. Only by studying these methods can a person discover the truth of it.

The system for our relationship with the external world and our relationship with ourselves is the core of this teachings. In our language we call it Shamanism. The Pharaoh was a type of priest, a far-seer, a shaman-king.

Most of the system is designed to orientate us perceptually. As the education develops we assimilate deeper interpretations of the symbols. The same sign for snake means also speech, healer, electricity, soundwave, telempathic emission, radiation, plane (dimensional spectrum), journey; for example.

Many of the concepts and contexts within which the ancients operated are not found in the modern world and require some work to comprehend precisely what they are talking about. Largely this is due to lance of education and misinformation from state education and mainstream media (which is all controlled by the same corporate agenda).

One part of the system relates directly to the senses, for which a pantheon of deified concepts often mistakenly called ‘gods’ and assumed to be external entities, is used.

One part of the system concerns how we can use our own kundalini energy through the chakras in combination with the senses to achieve heightened and extra-sensory perceptions.

These two parts of the system work in conjunction. 

The metaphors of these simple understandings applies equally to our observation of the external world as it does to ourselves. For example, the spinal column which transmits kundalini energy up through it, is symbolic for how a tree works, for how weather patterns can be stimulated through manufactured pressures, is a physical embodiment of what is remembered in other cultures as the Nadi system (Ida and Pingala) - in Egyptology a gross confusion because the same symbols to depict this also have many other meanings.

It is imperative that the context is established for which we are discussing any particular theme. In breaking through to new levels of perception and understanding, to use a confusing language is the downfall of that language structure. We must go beyond the existing mainstream language and its uses to develop more efficient ways to communicate higher level data.

For this, traditionally, the development of human organism as a telepathic being capable of transmitting multi-dimensional emotional data, memory, ideas, pictures, from one mind and heart directly into another mind and heart, is required. This state of being is deemed holy. It is set apart from the mainstream and a result of specialist teaching; although being innate in us all and natural to us all.

The core of Egyptian spirituality is simple; that physically, perceptually, emotionally: the center of the Self is the heart.

Is the mindless heart the same as instinct?
Prioritise: mind under heart of heart under mind?

Deification is a result of Human psychic energy which when focussed into a singularity empowers that concept until it becomes autonomous. The Egyptian study into deification of concepts led to the emergence of real Entities who then interacted with the priesthood generations later. This caused a shift of focus in the priesthood as it sought to get away from being controlled by external entities. Ultimately this led to the Akhenaten refutation of pagan Gods both as real deities and as primal cognitive orientation for the development of Shamanic consciousness.

The focus of my own studies is pre-6th Dynasty. I am interested in the original purpose of the hieroglyphs and their meanings, not the latter re-definitions of the same symbols.

It is noted that after the Akhenaten cycle, during which monotheism was established at the cocaine inspired narcissism of the messianic heretic Nagual named ‘energy of source’; the carvings became more technological than supernatural in their focus. I include both technology and supernature as equally real, equally valid aspects of our reality experience. They are both scientifically viable truths.

By technology I refer to physics, electricity, scalar waves which mirrors beautifully the studies into kundalini in a living entity to such extent that the stellae are often interchangeable as they refer to both levels of interpretation at once. By supernature I refer to advanced uses of perception following the original shamanic training school which the priesthood originally established to establish; this includes use of kundalini and orgone and such things as are ridiculed as nonsense by contemporary cynics who can neither read hieroglyphics properly nor utilize their own undeveloped psychic and energetic abilities.

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