Wednesday, 2 March 2016

How Three Wrongs Make A Right

How Three Wrongs Make A Right

Socially programmed tv zombies getting angry about issues they have been programmed to steer their anger.

As a Sufi using techniques of a Buddhist layman, I play devils advocate using the social issues to stir their anger as a method of showing them, themselves; confronting not only their own anger issue but that it has been engineered for an agenda. This is important enough to take the risk of being branded as an apologist for the current social issue of the day, which the tv tells us to hate, whatever it happens to be.

The Tenth Mans Duty is Devils Advocation; this is necessary in all societies.

As a Buddhist adept I am secure within myself that I can deflect accusations against me by people who I am educating, they need such education to become better citizens and more awake Humans, with more self-responsibility. The media exploit homo-sapiens who we are by decree’s waking up toward a more fuller Humanitarian state of being.

Remember what Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi taught us about Anger leading to the Dark Side. Whatever someone else does on their path; your own hatred of them for it is Your issue. There are much better ways of dealing with it than poisoning yourself with an engineered rage.

We are all co-creating society; recognition that all of the toxic elements are wrong is important. This does not excuse other peoples abhorrent behaviour; it does not justify your own abhorrent behaviour either.

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