Saturday, 5 March 2016

Outside The Box

Outside The Box

Everything which you have been raised within the box to experiences; re-affirmed by the box of society, many people also programmed to conform to the normality, is within a limited range of experience.

My path has been very different. Not by any choice nor fault of my own. Once having been beyond the box and adapted to integrate the outside perspective; a person can never fit into the box again, not entirely.

This is a major difference between myself and normal people. And if you are wise you will benefit by listening to me recount my experience which is from beyond your imaginations. What I have to say is this.

Most people are zombies, to such an extent, they do not even know that they are zombies. Your first reaction to this is to take offence, a predictable reaction. Some of you are human enough not to take offence but to accept that perhaps what I am saying might actually be the truth, not intended to offend you but as a simple statement of fact; that is how things are.

You experienced state indoctrination with your schooling. Your parents were also raised by state indoctrinated schooling. Even where you rebelled; television affected you and generations before us all. Television owned by specific corporations with specific corporate agenda’s. And nearly all of it is lies. Culturally endorsed programmed normality, is lies.

In cyberspace, even the dust is clean. In television movies, even the grit is digital clean. In lives influenced by the normality of everybody we copy, being actors; everybody learns to act. The fakery is a gap between people. Most people never learn to bridge it. Those who do, those alone stand a chance of becoming fully human.

This encapsulates the very basic first level of understanding of what I have seen from the perspective of having been beyond the box, outside of the limitations of social, cultural, normality.

If you can accept that then I will teach you the second insight. The second insight is that you have not yet been educated properly how to use your mind organically. Most everything you believe to be ‘you’ is merely the programming, the self-image based on egotistic assurances. You will not be able to comprehend the full extent of this until you successfully detach from your mind completely. Mind is not the Self.

Only once having achieved that, will you begin to comprehend what the Self truly is. It is not Mind. Only then, will you be capable of using Mind rather than Mind using you. Look around your city; most everybody there is being used by Mind rather than using Mind. It is a significant difference. All of the social structures re-enforce the assumed righteousness that programmed Mind is the full extent of all things. It can take literally decades to achieve that insight and maintain it as a continuity. Mind is tricky like that, it is a constant struggle to detach permanently from it.

At which time the Western within-mind-slavery caste will from their delusions very likely regard you as insane and unsafe for their controlled, normal, regular, egotistical society. There is a very good chance that your ego is already so possessing of you that you will go crazy as a result of detaching from Mind. It is a necessary blessing. Many people cannot cope with reality as it is perceived from outside of the box. Those few who can are potential  Shamen.

Those are the ones whom are ready to assimilate the third level of cognitive reality interface. Those ones are not the Sheep, are a special caste apart and are spiritually protected, even while socially persecuted by non-comprehending zombies.

And now, you can choose; whether to take what I have said here as a valid and knowledgeable reality, or to ignore it and continue existing as a zombie, unaware that you are a zombie.

“The Poet cannot avert his eyes.” - Werner Herzog

In some cultures, and more often throughout history; children were taught Truth instead of fed cultural misinformation to create a society of zombie mind-slaves. The advanced spiritual abilities of level three and beyond were a normal, everyday factor of life, taken for granted by most people. We now make the distinction between shaman and sheeple at an entirely different baseline than did our ancestors. It is our loss and with great sorrow to accept this. Yet; Humanity must evolve. While true people become rarer, our insight and abilities and the levels which we can access become more highly regarded by those of us aware they even exist. 

This is our value to the species. It is not something the zombies are capable of appreciating. Which is not entirely of their own fault.

Egyptian Stellae depicting the Battle of Set (the set mind) and Horus (the energy field / far-sight) for 'the bridge between heart and mind' (who gets to do the talking - the bronchial chords)

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