Monday, 18 September 2017

Alternate Vs Conformity

Abstract and Creative Intelligence vs Dogmatic Fundamentalism

Alternate vs Conformity

Who says it is 'alternate'? Mainstream majority or minority group? This descriptive bias is permeated by the dogmatic fundamentalists, not by those with abstract and creative intelligence.

Nobody is more correct than the other. The ones who are wrong are the ones saying someone is wrong. Opinion can be a factor but it is not absolute truth.

"That your opinion can be proven to be based on a strawman fallacy,
shows that you are irrational." Rational Mentality 

A rational, reasonable and well-balanced mind integrates both left and right, imaginative and logical processes. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not rational and reasonable. Anyone with prejudice against the other is not functioning properly and is mentally imbalanced, is cognitively sick.
I pointed this out to two groups of people.

The fundamentalists laughed and called me crazy and a danger to society. Not to community, to society: which is a very different thing. I am not a member of that society so I do not respect their opinion that my opinion is crazy. I experience no symptoms of insanity per se, which means the fundamentalists are using a strawman argument, thus further proving their disfunction of clarity.

The creatives laughed and generally agreed with the statement. I am a member of that community. We use abstract intelligence to communicate beyond and outside of the limitations of unreasonable logical arguments. This includes empathic awareness for example which rejects emotional and mental abuses along with any infrastructure which supports them.

The responses of these two groups says as much about the overall situation as does the original statement itself.

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