Sunday, 10 September 2017

Word Play


Convince. Conviction. Convict.
Slave to a grid of thinking.
Persuaded by manipulation.
left brain centric is not balanced.

Creatives respect the mind functions best when floating free to connect with intuition as a faculty of knowing truth. Spiritual teachings explain intuition to be our direct communion with the divine. Through intuition works god, through intuition we know god. We cannot find it as an external source. That is a power, not a connection with the absolute, with allah (the all being), with galactic harmony.

Truth is not what other people say, that is merely a resonance with truth if it is true speech from intuition as opposed to left brained dogmatic repetition of a grid, of a belief structure, a persuasion or conviction, a slavery to delusion. 

Truth is what actually happened and if what actually happened cannot be fully understood from seeing it from only one angle, we need to see it from multiple angles to know it. The limitations of left brained logic is that small minds can cope only with small grids. To develop a flexible left brain which can overlay multiple grids at once requires the balanced working of the mind where left and right logic and creative are working together. You cannot repress one part of the balanced functioning of the mind and call that 'proper' without losing rationality. 

Incentive. To Entice. Enter into a specific grid way of seeing things. Left brained dogma.
Incent and intent. Innocent. In-no-cent means not-guilt. In-cent means toward guilt. Incentive.
Inattentive lacks attention, focus.
Intentive has focus, attention toward a desired outcome. An agenda. A bias.

Dogma denies that there are associations where you have never previously made associations, denies you making those associations. Yoh reject them because your brain is not hardwired to connect this item with that item. Once you go through the thought process and can see how a links to b links to c that is when you learn a new thing, you gain the pattern and now you can associate it all as a cohesive and acceptable system. It makes sense now. In-sense. Previously it was invisible to you, did not catch, it was in-no-sense. Your education intk a specific thought system makes you more guilty, dirties you. Knowledge of mind takes you away from intuition and connection with divine. You listen to your program-grid instead of flowing free as naturally designed. 

Symbology of fruits of tree of knowledge. 

Pagan: "If you did not teach me it was wrong to be uncivilised, would god still let me into heaven?"
Priest: "Yes of course."
Pagan: "So why in hell did you teach me?"

The system is entirely left brained, a calculus.

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