Sunday, 10 September 2017

Mixing Greys


Bringing more spiritually pure people down to their dirty level to feel better about themselves, to satisfy their superiority complex, to enlighten themselves through piracy and manipulation.

White paint mixes with white paint, both paints now white. Grey paint mixes with grey paint, both paints now grey. People become grey when they get stained toward black by doing dirty things, holding onto dirty mentalities and emotions. Grey people resonate better with grey people who are not so different from them. They mistake this affinity as 'truth' and reject anyone not the same grey as themselves. Its a subconscious awareness of energy spectrums, 'like goes with like'. We call it resonance. They match they fit they are the same thing. When a grey wants to become more white it finds a white to mix with, to take some of the whites purity, its lightness. The consequence is the white becomes stained with the greys dirtiness. Both end up a pale shade of grey, for the grey it is uplifting and for the white it is degrading. Grey wants whites purity. This is why empaths are attracted to narcopaths. It is a different version of gold-digger and why women '' (partner with those of higher social scale).

Where the court system is concerned, everyone involved is dirty because they rub shoulders with dirty people. Police, judges, solicitors, wrong-doers, all sit in rooms with . I have been careful not to use the word 'criminal' in that sentence. This is because crime is not necessarily wrong-doing. The black woman who sits in the white section of the bus is not a criminal, she is a hero, despite what legislation says, despite the idiom used by the law society within their workplace. Crime and grime. We can call them griminals because they have been stained by the judgement of grey people and their involvement with such places and paradigms. It is all about context and manipulation, in which truth is the first victim. Where nobody resonates with truth, someone who does, stands out and is persecuted because grey people want to repress purity so as to take some of it for themselves. Judges do not resonate with truth, they resonate with the clockwork mechanic of the legal system which as we have seen is itself dirty. They are not ipso facto respectable, as their position is fear-based rather than spiritually respectful. That is called tyranny, not purity. People do not like the truth if it offends their sensibilities at which time we question their motives and egotism, because if you do not resonate with truth then by default you resonate with lies. Calling a shovel a shovel is being truthful even if the person wielding the shovel says that is an offensive statement because of shovelism. No offence is intended here and the original intent is what makes the different.

To manipulate a white so as to appear to society to be more white yourself does not make you more white, it makes you a dirtier tone of grey. Because people can see the whole situation for what it is. They can see through it. A lot of people who live in fear have confused the fear of tyranny of the law society with purity and are afraid to analyse it the what we have done here. Those people are mentally impaired.

In none of this text have I encouraged criminal activities. The reference to a need for law reform based on individuals standing up against social injustice as representatives of minority groups does have historic precedence. If a legal statute is inhumane, or an inhuman application of it occurs due to wilful manipulation, it shows that the system supporting it is against humanity, it is corrupt.

People make a choice whether they are agent for the corrupt system or agent for truth. A choice between the journey toward becoming a white through the natural and humane processes, or becoming stained and resonating with other corrupt people. Most people conform to the pressure of the corruption believing it will give them an easier life. It is how atrocities are perpetuated. Those who did not stand up against it are culpable. Nurenberg Trials as historic precedent.

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