Monday, 4 September 2017



They [think/believe] 
They [want/need] that
They [are/were] told
They [think/want/need] that

Despite complexity of versatile language, the block components of the statement (above) and its described thought processes are data-chunks conforming to the very basic grid program of cognition. The above data-chains are descriptors matching the following command series:  

WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)
WHO - WHAT - WHAT (item)

Programmer does this bit: (input)

WHO : target followers (people) =  'They'
WHAT : desire (to function / progress) (item)
WHY : instruction (told) (because)

target followers (people) do this bit: (response output)

WHERE : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
WHEN : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)
HOW : (fill in the gap) (request/acquire further/specific data)

This is insect level reflexive functioning.
It has no critical thought beyond that required to comprehend 
conveyed instructions and to carry out instructions.

This is how an ant hive functions.
It is also how a social system functions.

A human being who is defined as such by actively being human (adjective noun) questions the instructions and questions the validity of carrying out that activity and of furthering that thought process.

"Is it worth the bother and what is in it for me?"

To reply to those questions with 'because I was told to' is a cyclic/circular argument which fails the individual as an evolving entity capable of autonomous integrity.
Is it possible that we are not here to evolve?
Is it possible we are a slave caste rules by a slave caste
We do not even recognize it because we have lost the ability to think critically?

"To what purpose do I function?"

Why are you asking another person to what purpose they function?

Ask it of yourself.

©2017 Ordo Octopia

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