Saturday, 16 September 2017


Finally 'they' are filming Gibson, the news broke like a mind fried on digital drugs under analaesthetic mistreatment of a biopsycop clinical interrogation procedurally generated 64-bit graphic blipfest on an i-ching k'ching torture wheel of life. 'Your time has come' the infoverload splashed to grab your catchy attention whoring borgasm. 

Hi-5 if you did it in one take out the trash with the cat.

And so it calms down to a regular spin wherein the revelation I live in the fucking sprawl. 

Need proof? A pixel tells a hundred words.

© SW Wales Herald 8.9.17 used non-profit for educational purposes within international fair use policy

Top image: local newspaper print and article; the greedy old girls club council are at it again, building shit homes on unsafe terrain for immediate profit now despite so many regulations against it. The bay is Britains most toxic because too much sewage outlets already and most of the development is on the floodplain, raised a few feet by burying bluebag recycling under concrete because its cheaper than actually recycling it. This is Wales for you.

The pixel-tryptic below shows the Sprawl Trilogy umpteenth edition print covers. 

And it is all the same thing. 

No more needs saying.

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