Wednesday, 4 November 2020

2020 Summary 1/3

 Listen to the Language

Sanitary - to make sane

Dispenser - machine to eject 

A sanitary dispenser is a machine to eject sanity. Crazy-making. 

You are probably a double-think zombie who laughs at this and assumes it’s a joke and a clever pun on words. To take it literally is autism. 

Take it literally. 

The description literally means to eject sanity. 

What do those chemicals do? 

They absorb through the skin into the blood to reduce immunity system. 

This is happening at exactly the same time a pandemic is frightening the world. 

A pandemic with a 99% survival rate amongst those whose immune system is so weak they catch it at all. 

“Most people won’t even know they have Covid-19 and 25% have probably already had it without being affected.”  World Health Organisation, March 2020

The world of Zombies is controlled by a Death Cult. 

“Depopulation through vaccination.” eugenicist Bill Gates. 

The Life Cult grow their own food and make their own soap. Because responsible, mature, educated adults. 

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