Wednesday, 11 November 2020


We generate reality by being harmoniously in tune with our self and projecting outward our preconceptions. 

The universe acts as a mirror lens and returns to us a reflection using the best available tools within the environment. 

Everything within that is a lesson. Our task is to identify it in the correct context, learn, level up. 

That is my understanding of Taoism. 

Where people are not harmoniously in tune with themselves, the universe continues to mirror their instability.

A large part of Taoism is the personal journey to get from a state of disfunction to a state of harmony. 

We all have a choice between two options. 

You come into a state of self harmony. 


You are controlled by outside forces and you attempt to control outside forces.

If you are engaged with your own balance being linked to outside forces, you’re a puppet. 

Taoism is about detaching from the outside forces and focus on self harmonising. It is an internal processes. 

Unfortunately for people in many ways, many people live in the Age of Maya which means illusion, delusion. 

The Sanskrit word Sansara used by Buddhists to explain it, means both; 

“Conditioned mind” (super-ego)


“Confused mind” (delusion)

Delusion has two meanings. 

It means simultaneously both; 

‘In a state of confusion’

and at the same time

‘creates states of confusion.’

Only through the process of self harmony can we escape that. The process is necessarily to detach from external attachments. 

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