Wednesday, 4 November 2020

2020 Summary 2/3

There is a photo of Melinda Gates the wife of Bill Gates in the Wuhan lab in 2016.

The Wuhan lab contained samples of Covid19 as well as a lot of other similar virus.

The Gates Foundation has been researching vaccines so they were growing cultures of the virus to test vaccines on. 

That’s where the virus was leaked from. It probably did originally come from animals but the current pandemic is a leak from a lab. 

The Gates Foundation stand to make a lot of money from their vaccines. It is financially in their interests to have the vaccine for a pandemic. 

“If you want the answers, follow the money.” 

Dr Fauci who is mates with the Gates owns the company which manufactures the testing kits. He also stands to make a lot of money from the pandemic. 

Fauci and Bill Gates have both for the past ten years been telling people a pandemic is coming. In December 2019 they told the world it will be here faster than people are ready for. 

None of this is conspiracy theory. This is all proved and provable. This is what is actually happening. 

The problem with the test kits is they don’t work. The guy who invented them spent the last forty years of his life campaigning against the medical industry that they are not accurate for testing if a person carries a live virus, only that they have antibodies because they once had something similar. 

Anyone who ever had a flu or common cold will test positive for covid19. Anyone who had a flu vaccine within three months of getting tested will also test positive for covid19. That’s the science. It’s why the figures are hyper-inflated. 

Hyper-inflated figures causes panic. This means more funds given to developing a vaccine faster. 

Bill Gates has on multiple occasions used this phrase: 

“Depopulation through vaccination”. 

He is a eugenicist who believes the world is overpopulated. 

In the past decade the Gates Foundation tested its vaccines in India and Africa. Both nations are now suing the Gates Foundation because the vaccines have been proved to be responsible for causing infertility. 

“Depopulation through vaccination”. 

This is not a conspiracy theory. All of this is verifiable. 

"There has never been such an aggregation of power in the history of humankind as big tech enjoys today, with money and monopoly, power and the hubris that comes with the unchecked use of power," Republican Senator Ted Cruz

Gates obviously with Microsoft is a powerhouse for the internet. This is why Google, Facebook, etc YouTube have been on an agenda to remove anything which puts the Gates Foundation in a bad light. Anyone who has evidence or speaks against them is banned from those platforms. They are using cloak and daggers, manipulation, misinformation, to push the vaccination=depopulation agenda. 

Please please do not vaccinate your kids. The covid19 virus is bad yes but it does not cause infertility and it has a 99% survival rate in the people whose immunity systems are so low they caught the virus at all. 

The chemical hand soap the state is encouraging everyone to use: it kills the virus but it also gets absorbed through skin into the blood and reduces your immunity system. That’s what it’s designed to do. 

It’s all part of the statement made by the New World Order called Agenda21 which is next year. 

People warning everyone about it have been persecuted and called conspiracy theorists. It’s not a theory. It’s actually happening. 

Watch who is aware and who is a zombie. 

Humanity will survive this comparatively mild pandemic which I do personally believe has been manufactured to usher in a new world order because the evidence all adds up to that. 

Normal soap also kills the virus. 

Sunlight kills it. 

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