Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Petty Tyrant

My sons mother walked out on us the day after his first birthday, in accordance with her Wiccan religion’s creed of ‘a year and a day’. I personally believe I am exempt from any social embarrassment due to her leaving following my telling her that she had a choice; either treat me with some respect or fuck off. She chose to fuck off and I was glad to see her go. 
Things had been bad from the start; we hadn’t been living together for a whole month before she got bored and decided to play some twisted games which I have no interest in living that way. I came downstairs and she jumped off the sofa, started rolling around on the floor screaming RAPE as loud as she could. I didn’t know what to do. It was the scene from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series where Odetta has to distract an evil spirit by tempting it with sex so the others could sneak past. That’s all I could see at the time. I asked her if she was alright. I expect that the neighbours phoned the police although they never arrived. My reputation was tarnished through no fault of my own. She did it again a few days later but this time, instead of trying to hug her and calm her down from what I thought was some sort of breakdown, I walked out the front door. When I returned, as before she acted as if nothing had happened and refused to talk about it. 
Things degenerated from there. 
We had her 6 year old and she was pregnant with my first child when this happened. 
A few days before she left, in front of the 6 year old, she accused me of punching her in the face. I did no such thing. I asked the boy who was shocked at his mammy’s play-acting whether he saw me hit her and did he think my arms were long enough to reach her from where we had both been standing. I think she was training him and using me as a punchbag. He and I were both confused. She did not like my talking directly to him about it as it was happening. She wanted him to have witnessed me punch her however I did not actually punch her. She is like this. I spoke with the boys father about it and he explained to me how she used to do things like this to him all the time while they were living together too. She really does not like me talking with her ex partners. It’s a bit difficult not to around here, she claims there are over fifty of us.
And so when through the following years the police arrived following allegations that an eye witness had seen me do things which I knew full well I had not done, and thankfully I usually have alibi’s to verify that it was a false report to the police which is a criminal offence; she is my prime suspect for who is behind it. 
One day, I thanked her for turning me into a zen master. She did not know how two react to that. Don Matus explains to Don Carlos how lucky he is to have a petty tyrant in his life, someone to test him. In the old days, sorcerers would seek out petty tyrants to test them, to hone them, to help them become what a sorcerer must necessarily be. After this Don Matus sends Don Carlos to see his own personal petty tyrant as a part of his education. I get on well with my son’s mothers new partner, and I feel sorry for him because I know what he is putting up with, and grateful for his hand in raising my own son. Her firstborn was put into care shortly after she left me. 
This is a typical real life true story from South Wales.

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