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Atomology - Auriglyphica

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En Concept
En from Source
Many Worlds Paradigm 

Atomology consists of a collection of writing which forms an early and prefatory chapter of the main body of the Auriglyphica.


Reading Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson which presents his brother-in-law Steve Wiggins research into Asherah; and reading about Enlil and Enki from the recently translated Assyrian-Babylonian tablets which discuss the origins of Humankind as having been a slave species subservient with vastly more advanced Extra-Terrestrial giants who taught us, and whom we ultimately overthrew and committed genocide of them but for where they have interbred into the bloodlines of Humanity.

Studying this both practically and in terms of etymology as an academic pursuit have given me the outline for an educational body. My research is presented here in various short-excerpts, individually entitled. 

It helps to make a lot of sense of other of my writings which I was unable to write previously, now with retrospect can identify the necessity of this learning journey to place everything into context.

These are a loose affiliation of notes and manuscripts rather than a concisely re-written book. An almanac of associated ideas, retaining the looseness of mind necessary to ingest them properly.

It seems fitting that they should therefore begin with a woman.

Atomology consists of a collection of writing which forms an early and prefatory chapter of the Auriglyphica.


Its so strange, i was seeing a girl just before xmas and I walked out on her for being a bitch to her 4 year old, reported her to social services for it because it was that severe, she has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). My son did not like her at all either, and so I reasoned my role in her life at the time was simply to protect her kid a bit because now she has a history of it listed, her next bf if he is any good will report her too and then ss can act. Its sad but thats how life is and I do believe I did the right thing.

Anyway its taken me 2 months of feeling depressed to get over another bad relationship. Strangeness is how my diet went over to hers, it is like her energy grid has taken control of mine, that's part of why I couldn't cope with her she is so strong and her grid took over mine way too much for comfort. Why am I buying the same sugary carbohydrtae brands she lives on? That's so not like who I am. It’s her ADD it is infectious; that’s all I can think.

I am reading about this from ancient times the story of Enki and Enlil the Assyrian-Babylon texts and also Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson, talking about En as a language code. The En is the one who imprints the other ones and turns them into a Me, that's the ancient words for it (these concepts).

I imagine an En explaining to the underlings that they have become it’s Me’s. “You are Me now. Go do as I instructed.” Humans as ant-colony; the hive-mind, with basic social tiers. Not yet capable of autonomous action, because their Minds (Me-En-ds) were bio-electronically programmed and given a concision to perform a specific social/civic function, a duty by which they could self-identify as job-role. “Me Tarzan You Jane.”

Babylon is the result of a social evolution when everyone went individual instead of doing what they were told, the words changed meaning then.

Me-En-ing from which the word Men which is Roman for ‘Mind’; the civilisation process was regarded as a 'man' and his 'wife' from the word 'cive' which means 'made civic' - combined with West european word 'wy' from where we get 'why' to question and 'witch' to scratch away until we have resolved it. Applied to thought process; witches/wives as ‘wise’ women (Wy-Me-En). But the Romans saw the wife or cive as 'being of the same mind as her husband', because Me-en, the program and the order, from Assyrian then Babylonian.

We are taught to regard this as sexist. It could simply have been that naked men were easier and quicker to identify than naked women and children to the ET overlords, simply because their dangly bits stood out and needed ordering to structure us away from the wild culture. The ET channelled that energy into construction, hence civilisation process as the roots of masonry. It was not originally intended to be a sexism, at the time it was simple practicality for a species that could not tell the difference between any two humans regardless of their gender. Likewise our genetically adapted skin colour told us which ET the proto-human belonged to.

Language historians describe the En-strictures, EN-code-ME-nt, as a process of words, written and verbal instructions; but it is not simply that; it goes much deeper, encodement through energy overlaps.

Currently we regard people who are aware of Aura’s and that we emit bio-electro-magnetic energy fields as ‘spiritual’ although that is the wrong word for it, spirit indicating the spirit world and this is a different thing which later connects with the more subtle energies and dimensions.

I am robotically behaving like an ADD person performing routines which I have caught like a subconscious mind virus from my ex, buying same brands etc that she habitually regarded as normal. It is scary because I need free will and I need to buy what I choose, not what I am programmed to buy. She is another reptilian type, this is why the En were depicted as birds and reptiles in the ancient stellae of Assyria-Babylonia-Egypt-Aztec: they are so controlling over our energy fields. It is a hypnotic thing.

Does this make sense to you? It seems crazy to me but its the most accurate I can explain this thing which is happening. I think I am breaking thru it now she is letting go of me at last.

A trait of Attention Deficit Disorder is 'not responsive to external programming' from other people that is why they are the En, they are so strongly connected through inner tuition to the other grids, they cannot be instructed with memes (a meme is a mini Assyrian Me, a meme within  a meme, a mini program code within a program code) like most people. How this relates to our DNA I am not sure but I feel it is a part of it too. Probably to do with genetic attunement from bio-energetic programming, which resonates from the limbic regions of the brain, the reptilian cortex.


The concept En it means ‘in’ also ‘and’ also ‘an’ - these words developed phonetically from it.

Can modern language resonate with an historic language? Magic vibrations which affect our subconscious mind, encode our limbic cortex. Ancestral memory, deep level programming and functioning, the building blocks of cognition.

Can language recall and reinvent those ancient phonemes into modern use, albeit in a way we are unaware of? So that we are undergoing subtle coding due to our language construct ad verbalisation of it.

Placing vowels between consonants, changing the vowels to explore the subtle layers of meaning between the consonants. This method is how Egyptology was deciphered. Vocal inflections subtle shades of meaning can alter the precise meaning of the written; as with Hebrew where it is all entirely consonant words, no vowels. The vowels are crucially important for inflection of desired imparted meaning.

English language. En-glish. We historically are taught that it is from Anglo-ish, meaning ‘close approximation from Anglo) due to the suffix -ish (-ix) on the prefix Eng which is distinct from Ang. The written form came generations after the verbal, colloquial variants which mutate regionally as settlers expand colonies and integrate with local indigenous populations, evolving their own phraseology. The New World of European America’s are two hundred years into that process of becoming distinctly different from British, French and so forth; no longer colonies but assertive of independence as their own self-sufficient Empire.

EN -glish
EM -pire

Assyrian and Babylonian are two distinct dialects with slightly different meanings of these root stock etymological components.

                                   Aum Ohm Ogham Om Amon Amun Amen Imam : 13 cps


According to the research done by Steve Wiggins and published by his brother Neal Donaldson; In ancient times, an EN would program humans with various ME (we now use the word 'memes') to get them to perform various tasks. This also gave them a sense of self identity; a farmer Me was different from a weaver Me. Society functioned like an ant-hive, everybody programed by the En, until the fall of babylon event where 'God split our tongues' (EN-lil and EN-ki being the two major protagonists involved - who both continued their own interpretation of the cultural traditions after the event in different parts of the world).

My point is simply this; "When your mind is set (like concrete)" or "When your mind is made (like being crafted)" - the Egyptians have a concept called Set which means the Shadow of the Light, symbolized by a serpent headed deity (Sukhet). When your Mind is set and you are operating purely on the basis of one program, you are effectively EN-Acting a ME (meme) - a grid controlling your mind is controlling your opinions, your actions, etc. It is a limbic vibration.

As a Buddhist and as a Shaman I was taught to detach from Mind so that I can perceive with clarity, objectively, and maintain objectivity. This is a more rational approach than to believe that my own opinion is that which somebody else has programmed me to hold onto as an absolute. I concede that both Buddhism and Shamanic education does constitute somebody else teaching me to have a certain viewpoint, however the distinction is important, that viewpoint being an open mind which does not rigidly hold onto one specific set of opinions or another.

When I attain the open fluidity of mind, I discover that my Instincts, some people call it Intuition, takes over. It comes from much deeper within me and connects with the external world in a much purer way than the confusion of the Mind allows me to discern. In Buddhism the word for ME 'programmed mind' 'conditioned mind' and 'confusion' is the same word; Sansara (also spelled Samsara by some lineages). When we connect purely with Intuition, bypassing the programmed mind, we can use the mind in a higher function - as a calculus to decipher the instinct.

It is by no mistake that Instinct can be used both raw direct to the un-set mind, and also channelled up through the Heart which is the center of our being and emits a large energetic radiation outward from our body, affecting the magnetic charge of all particles within its zone. Heart-fields have been measured at approximately 40 feet radius although it does vary.

Our energetic systems are such that when we are occupied with a particular Me (obsessive thought syndrome) that radiates outward from the heart and affects the particle alignment of the physical world beyond our own body. Any scientific studies done within a heart-field zone will be contaminated by it. This is measurably provable with sensitive electronic equipment, such as a human organism consists of once it has been cleaned of all Memes.

If anybody ever tells you that their mind is set on a particular course of action, you do have to be wary that the person is not functioning from their optimum position, that they are functioning with relation to social programming.

In the past thousands of years since we developed through feudalism and became cosmopolitan, an Urban species, we have become much more complicated than the simple ME of old; we no longer have 'a baker' and 'a weaver' as a path of life which an individual can identify themselves with. We are now a confusion of multi-skilled, multi-arena's. The diversity is a good thing but the simplicity is healthier. We need to be aware of both functions; primal elegance compared with abstract modernity. We need to be able to function in both worlds. It is recognized that pollution is the result of dirtying, and hygiene is the result of purification toward simplicity. However it is also recognized that we diversified for a reason, to help us to evolve, and most important of all, the primary purpose of our revelation; to free us from being slaves to the EN.

We live in a world where the Masonic Illuminati are centered in ENgland. In many ways the clues as to the ancient patterns are still remembered - and lived by the ancient families. The long-term strategies were formed so many generations ago we have forgotten when; and yet we are still ENgaged in them.


The Reptilian Grid imposed upon us is only one of many agendas. Ultimately we are evolving toward pure fluid hyper-ability, multi-dimensional as we integrate higher levels of perception and rise above the time-mass based lower dimensions. We evolve perceptually, having attained this level of bodily form sufficient for our souls to interact with a planetary based dry-land environment. After this, emotions and soul, perceptions and ability to use Mind as an unlimited processor into unlimited dimensions. Albeit limitations imposed by imagination and restricted by practical environmental necessity and programming. Ability to recall dreams and past-life integration through rituals, traditionally the domain of secret  societies imparting shamanic wisdom to capable individuals.

As we enter the many worlds paradigm of fluid flexibility, we leave behind the restrictive control grids which perhaps were necessary for our ancestors evolution inout quest toward freedom and away from slavery. We have to, to evolve, and it is our nature as Life to evolve. This is a pure lesson of the Soul.

Given infinity as a playground, and a local-range body to wear for awhile until we can assimilate all the lessons we have to, of time-mass, of spirituality, of the other dimensions, of the futility of trying to control the macrocosm because it is not to be controlled,only enjoyed for its infinite wonders. Yet we must maintain self-sufficiency for us to be able to do this, while interacting with the physical domain.

The goal of re-awakening past life memories and future self-contact so that ultimately we can encompass (that prefix again) the whole of life experience at macrocosmic levels, becoming ourselves the angelic grids but of the Aquarian order which is about flexibility and mutability, rather than the ancient Angelic grids which are structurally finite and limited in their scope.

As we expand beyond the limitations we necessarily let go of the perch which has brought us thus far; we shed our skins of history and we grow beyond our ancestors scope to comprehend. This is all good, it is meant to be this way. Those who seek to retain the false empower base of control over others cannot cope with their energy sources breaking away toward freedom and must spiritualize or dissolve back to the realms over which they can most comfortably reside, as must we all.

The Auriglyphica is an analysis of the limbic system structures utilized throughout history. It is an attempt at a core book, a framework by which we may contemplate and comprehend these things, perhaps even to understand them in the broad terms necessary. It is by no means definite.

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