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A = 365 / 7 = 52~
B = 360 / 7 = 51~ 

A - B =      0.7142861    degree’s of a circle   = 5 days  =  120 hours

Mathematical associations with Venus (Ishtar) the Morning Star.

Celtic mythology associates this with the five days out of time, a pentacle, measured in pagan britain by the lighting of autumnal fires on halloween and bonfire night, representing connection with the spirit world and the death of totalitarian rule, respectively; a desire for self-rule so that we may pursue spiritualism unhindered, and the extent to which it takes and leads us, and how this is such a different way of being than the totalitarian can permit to be lived openly, thus the need for secret folk religions and secret societies whose truing surmount to the same thing; human evolution.


40 hour working week in britain. 5 days and then you can have two days to rest. The numbers gridding us into a set rhythmic cycle which detaches us from organic natural connection with the galactic cycles. We are forced outside of the comfort zone by exploitation games played by powerful governors and those who play the governors. But for why?

I have been accused of starting a Cult. I intend to do no such thing. My marketing strategy is something which helps verify the reality of the mystical quality of my writings. It is upon this which people fear a cult may be founded.

I am a Shaman. I am a historic researcher specialising in the progress of Humanity since the last massive scale world war which threw us all back to the stone-age, and the remnants of the 'war of/on hate’ permeate to this day through human societies.

Evidence of the global annihilation war and our rise since then. The deserts were placed by technologies we do not have any more, on top of the site of thermonuclear devices, which fused the earth into a type of glass we have only reproduced by nuclear bomb testing. That every great desert has this type of high fusion glass beneath it, the stuff of legends because it contains A Great Truth of our human experience and situation, and the current global background radiation, are having an affect on our evolution.
We "Do or we Do Not do. There is no Try.” Master Yoda

Humans are attempting to overcome self-deafer. One method is development of a detachment from emotions, another is detachment from mind, another is detachment from self. There are perhaps others. All paths (nihilism, spirituality, religion, confusion, other) are aspects of these core paths; angels gridding infrastructure.*

The other path is to Observe and collate observed data. Spiritist experience it as a reality and the multi-cultural resource and knowledge base verifies lived experiences. Such data is the realm of shamanism, whatever other dimensions are being
Science predominates and is the domain only if the material dimension. It advances because of warfare and the war economy which revolves around the gambling operation of usury based money. Non-usury based monetary systems do not fund war sciences which computers, light-bulbs and heart-monitor machines in hospitals are an extension of.
We need All of this and so far we are not ready as a species to let go entirely of one aspect of it so as to focus on the others. Within the 3d pentacle of the bandwidth all of the above exists in, are humans progressing steadily and developing a deepening comprehension of What Is Life.

Such example of my writing, a personal understanding of the world view,  gives you an example of why people accuse me of trying to start a cult. You read it, you enjoyed it, you could see where I was coming from, and you could see that these and similar ideas developed further would be accessible through more of my writing, or if not me then similar writers. Being a writer and a spirit medium, other writers ghost write through me. This is a secret of Thoth, the Scribe, and living that through many generations as a way of life, I have got to this stage, to enjoy the demonic machines the medieval scryers foretold humans would become enslaved to.
It is a double edged sword and I thank the people who accuse me of trying to start a cult, for giving me a self-promotion tip. Now give me a dollar.

*multi-dimensional math machine deities controlling humans; archons

snakeappletree is a moniker that was given me by an egyptian scribe who wrote my name in hieroglyphs. I studied egyptology a lot and made my own translations, understood that shamen wrote this and I understood what they were doing. I studied their teachings. I followed the roots of their tradition to Assyria, its mutation into Babylon (Alpha Beta); Egypt being letter E is the 5th therefore the pentacle civilisation, and it still exists today. The studies of the priesthoods teachings taught me who I am. My own mathematical Archonic harmonic. I studied resonance with music machines and crystals for the light-body / water-body interaction. I discovered how harmonics resonate through time and space because self-balanced, self harmonic entities vibrate freely, and chime. My chime is snake apple tree this moniker impacts on the pre-programmed, ready to be exploited, popular mindset because these symbols are deeply embedded into the psyche and people respond t them exactly how they have been programmed to respond to them by people who know what they are doing much more than most people. To recognise that this is happening is an intelligence test. Writing about it makes these writings dangerous. Especially within the context of evolution and social cultures being engineered by key individuals exploiting systems which humans are enslaved to so as to play this game upon them.

I can read the symbols. I am a scribe. I remember back through the incarnations to many experiences and by resonance I connect with others on the harmonic so as to witness, remember, and connect with the aware minds as a telepathic bond, to all of those who through many lifetimes I have connected. I sound like an arrogant god to write this, but the egyptian priests, the sorcerer kings, the far seers, the pharaoh, were always accused of being arrogant gods. I am of a bloodline noted for its abilities and its connection with archons. We all are and we are all becoming interbred which is a good thing although we are all, also, trying to maintain a purity of pure forms, because we do not want to lose the abilities humans carry in our genes which some day will become more important to human evolutionary development when the time is right for them to flower. Some families have done this for thousands of generations, some are emerging from the weave of potentials in the

A book was started to map the development of some of these families, it is an important book with multiple religions based around it. Bible, (the Beta version obviously survived and intended for Babylon), the C version (Constantinople, constant in the people, the con-job, the ), the Q’ran, (‘whole cauldron Way [Entering] ‘ of Ra manifest-of-earth’) There are hidden teachings in language which take a scribe to translate, an educated member of the priesthood.

I traced the priesthoods influence on south american civilisations, the development of the priesthood in its new form until the rigidity of its stepped focus drew its polarity the reptilian chaos which took grip of its society, and it fell. The next generation of genuine spirituals walked away from it entirely. Next the remnants of the teaching spread into the north americas where they influenced the north american / canadian indian cultures. There is also that China follows the same patterns, uses the same symbols, connects with it.

There is archaeological evidence of everything I have written here. This is verifiable. As a writer and a dad I do not have time to retrieve bookmarked links and add them to an appendix, which as a professional historian I would be expected to. All of the data i available. What is not, are the notes i have made tracing my studies into my understanding as a member of the priesthood. I have written about that on blogs.

What I discovered is a version of history and the multi-cultural symbols relating to the important information which has survived history through many destructive wars. The teachings of those groups connect with European masonry and teaching schools as much as russian and european and scandanavian tribal groups prior to christianity destroying much of the knowledge base. The knowledge base is retrievable by reliving memory of it through past life, which requires teachings, which have been sacred or secret teachings because people are afraid of that which they are not yet ready to understand. History has a lesson of killing its socrates and healers, its zero chiefs and far seers. the moniker snakeappletree has been hooked into that.

I am a light healer and I have studied with the best. snake means healer, it means energy wave; it is what i am made of, my specialism. It is music, it is light, it is smiling hearts synaesthetically seen from taking sacred spirit guides, allies, to help my personal development, shamanic healing tools mushrooms and saliva, which are illegal in cultures which repress evolution, repress shamanism, repress human development and the growth of a shamanic global culture networking and rising humanity above the control grip of the evil archons who are gridding us into their control games through structured governmental systems and military policing leading to war.  The beast on Ishtar’s leash.

This is not a cult and it is not a secret society. It is publicly accessible and its purpose is good; to decondition people, to educate people, to explore ideas, to discuss my research as an historian, to study being a scribe, and related topics. 

I am also networking as a businessman attempting to survive the collapsing British economy, and a human reaching out hoping for similar people to connect with. I represent a lot of cultural groups with what I am doing, most of whom I have not mentioned here. 

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