Thursday, 3 December 2015



I have learned a lot from attempting to communicate through equality with the women of South Wales. They interrupt me and blame me for interrupting them. It is a strategy for domination. 

Very often in normal conversation especially when a group of people are present, people talk at the same time. Who backs down first might not be the one whose words get listed on the record, however they are typically the more mature and therefore their attitude needs to be taken into consideration with respect of what their words might have been were they listened to. 

Word battles such as these prove simply that the conversational participants are not working toward a common agenda of communication. Very often, this discredits everything established within the conversation as biased and therefore not for the greater good. 

This is why I do not talk with people nearly so much as I write down what I have to say; it reaches a wider audience over a longer time frame (my blog reader statistics verify this), and typically those readers are more intelligent than people who want to over talk me to get their own voice heard. 

Accusations that I am non-empathic because I am being monologued at, interrupted and verbally over-written are typical of the attitude of people who themselves require an audience rather than a fellow practitioner of the art of conversation, which requires at least two people playing by the same rules. 

Unfortunately I live in Wales and females are taught an entirely different skills set to those of us who still believe equality is possible and that mutual shared comprehension is desirable.


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