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I did not write the following, however it is amazing and I am re-posting it here with consent from a friend.
Especially of interest (relevant to my own writings) is the bit about schools shutting down the Right Brain. 
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Phoenix Lux

The cipher for David Icke is as follows:
at the beginning of the documentary he speaks of it being a personal choice and responsibility not to "accept slanted information as true" 
he is a reptilian himself and his work is fear based. 

although what happened in the rituals described is accurate, the victim could not get around or was not taped getting to the POINT because she was so traumatized by what had happened to her (left brain overactivity due to over stimulation to senses which resulted in right brain and pineal paralysis). The point she was trying to get to was that the magick that the reptilians were performing WORKED. The rituals they performed WORKED. And the proper utilization of Magick is the key to reclaiming each and every one of our Birthrights as a Creator of this reality. This is why she says "My whole family thinks I'm crazy...for wanting to go back to the 4th dimension {she means 5th, and 4th is hell where Lucifer reigns over the Damned (everyone in 3d) from an aerial perspective and its frightening, but the 5th dimension is where we are headed now}... because they think it's a bad thing..." BECAUSE WHEN SHE PERFORMED WHATEVER "SATANIC" RITUAL, IT WORKED AND TOOK HER BACK TO THE 4TH/5TH DIMENSION, THE ONE WE ARE TRYING TO GO TO AS A COLLECTIVE NOW. THE RITUALS THE ELITE WERE MAKING HER DO (because she was partially human which meant that she had psychic or 3rd eye DNA, which they don't have, so they could only OBSERVE what she experienced through something or a situation that is a lot like a Television screen when we watch it today- they downloaded all the information she was recieving but couldn't EXPERIENCE it because they couldn't FEEL it... they could only view it like an eye witness through the DNA (light particles essentially) that she shared with them ancestrally, because for them time doesn't exist and they ARE 4th but not 5th dimensional.. they have mastered TIME...because FEELING IS A HUMAN QUALITY AND IS THE 6TH SENSE AND THE KEY TO THE NEXT DIMENSIONAL JUMP) 

Anyone who has studied quantum understands that observation affects whether an atom behaves as a particle or a wave and understands the theory that we create our own realities based upon our conscious observation. what we expect is what manifests. so you can tell how far or close you are to manifesting your desires by how you feel. 

magick is the simple act of turning your Will into reality and most have been tricked out of their power via indoctrination to think that this simple act is wrong. 

you do magick by using your conscious will to manifest your reality. its a right brain activity and our schools are geared at shutting the right brain and pineal gland off. 

We are forced to memorize and repeat in school. left brain corresponds to the physical mind, which independently of the higher mind can create nothing and the only function of which is to know how things have happened BEFORE (thus to over activate them, in school we are taught that MEMORIZING AND REPEATING and our aptitude for that is intelligence. nothing could be further from the truth)
thus when we GRADUATE, we have GRADUALLY been dumbed down to accept indoctrination and shut off our pineal glands completely. when this happens the person is a slave and asleep. we are meant to CREATE our reality which means generate OUTPUT and CREATE SOMETHING NEW.
With the pineal gland shut off due to school/religious institutions, people become like computers. they accept input from "Credible" sources (ie Matrix approved publications run by the Elite, which nearly all sources widely available are with the exception of what you can get from the world wide web) only, and they run around in circles in dead end Matrix jobs, which all are. 

My father for instance is a Harvard physician. He works his whole life in an outdated medical system that refuses to acknowledge the use of basic herbs and well known remedies (think cannabis for cancer and other herbs for other things that you've read about if you're smart) which is the essence of WITCHCRAFT, using herbs to create solutions, or using the energy in your hands to cure illness (Well documented cases you can watch if you ever watch Greg Bradden's vids). The system is so useless it refuses even to acknowledge knowledge of proper plant based DIET which cures all illnesses by keeping the body in an alkaline state, and refuses to acknowledge that the top 2 most legally permissible drugs, tobacco and liquor, are also perhaps the 2 most lethal, esp in combination with legal pharmaceutics. So, he works with the same type of patient every day and sees the same problems- they're overweight, smokers, etc etc with the occasional rare exception and in these cases the heart attacks were due to the stress of the lifestyle of the victim-- so nothing is left up to chance here and all the remedies are simple and can be summed up elegantly in: living a healthy lifestyle, esp watching what you put in your body, is the solution. 

On the other end of the spectrum, our food industry pays as little attention as they can get away with possible towards healthy food or towards health. 

so our medical and healthcare system pays no attention to food and the food system doesn't to health and thus the two make a living off the other in a sick symbiotic relationship. And this is how all Matrix jobs are: DEAD END. They tell you you can go to college and make a difference. Join the military, kill people, make a difference. For whom? for THEM. The Elite. You feed their money supply by creating a current of energy with your souls, which you all sold at graduation. You are a NUMBER in their system. Your social security number, your tax identification number. 

that's all you are to them. a number, all jobs are dead end and you take INPUT and create OUTPUT, the EXACT OUTPUT that they tell you to put out following THEIR INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY, to keep the system going. and youre always anxious and unsure of yourselves because YOU ALL KNOW IT'S WRONG AND FUCKED UP. this system is set up no differently than a computer. you accept input and create the desired output of the inputter. That's all any Matrix job is.
If you're smart and your soul is strong, good luck keeping one. 


Magick is merely the invocation of your will to manifest desired outcome. It's what you've been running from your whole life and it's what you have to get back into now. 

Study your personal origins carefully and figure out the secrets of your past and then USE THEM to reclaim your Magick. I went through my DNA through many rituals. 

Good luck manifesting young SOULS.

Phoenix Lux lol brother
just did a LONG ASS channeling session for my parents. The Higher Ups on this dimension chose today of all days to wake them up and I was just their "pencil" so to speak. lots of automatic writing. I trust the timing of the Universe and hope they take it well, but my hands are shaky lol. That info was channeled directly from my Higher Mind, she connected the dots really nicely for me in casual conversation and then elaborated when I wrote it down

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©2015 Pheonix Lux

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