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I am consistently stopped by British police “on suspicion of” because I have dredlocks. On multiple occasions, their accusations of my being witnessed shoplifting have been thwarted by requesting CCTV as evidence that I went nowhere near the shop in question on that day. They always back down because they know they are lying. It is not the police as an institution however it is a very common attitude amongst them to behave that way to such extent I do question if this is a part of their training; hassle the ones of us who stand out by looking different. It might simply be because the media has brainwashed them; Robert Marley had dredlocks and he smoked dope ergo I smoke dope because I have dredlocks. Pirate Jack had dredlocks and he is a pirate ergo I am a pirate because I have dredlocks. As a person with a higher than average IQ, I can see the fallacy of their argument.

I am called a non-conformist.
I am called anti-authoritarian.
I do not believe I am either of these things. 

I simply ask, conform to what convention? Social Normality on a global scale as I am one of the people of the planet, verses a minority cult which operate its totalitarian regime unlawfully and illegally in Britain, given the Human Rights Act is established to tell agents of corporations how they are meant to act (behave). My conforming to social normality involves that I am genuinely a law abiding, peace-loving person. Anything beyond that is a use of Trickery involving the expectations that I should conform to some system to which nobody has been educated, other than it is controlled by fear, example of being harassed, repressed, intimidated and prejudiced against; which is illegal on the part of the persecutor no matter what they do for a money job and their official role in society. I do not have to conform to the conventions of a job which I am not contracted to conform to. Individuals and conspirators involved in persecuting me from their official capacity are actively in neglect of duty / misconduct in public office, and therefore are not a genuine authority. I am not a fool, I can tell the difference between the two things; I do respect genuine authority. In real life, respect is earned, it is not a given, it is not something that can be forcibly taken.

I have experienced the same prejudice from many people in many levels of society. For example, the business training sessions where I have been told that my hair style “will go against me.” This is the purpose of this blog, on and for the record. I run my business from behind the internet, using photo's from photo shoots using myself as a professional model, I am qualified at degree level in Arts so doing so is an aspect of my professional practice. I could be anybody, using any model, to promote my business.

Within Britain, there is a repressive attitude which criminally persecutes those who stand out. Were I black they would not dare. Were I gay they would not dare. Were I female they would not dare. Were I religious they would not dare. That they judge me on appearances is ipso facto an example of how petty and pathetic these people are. It is an example of their inability to engage with reality in a real way; they are living in a delusional state. I can prove it, as follows;

I am a public figure of some level of fame, I am an internet personality. The website statistical data for how many people log onto my websites, read my blogs, enjoy my music, poetry, art, etc; verifies this as a fact. I am a media personality. My dredlocks are a successful marketing strategy. 

Does it work as a necessary factor for my job role? Yes it does. The same people who have written and spoken that they “like my dredlocks!” are also the same people who have in the past few years, donated to me hardware to the sum value equivalent to several thousand pounds, to further my career. They are the same people who have given me bursaries to the sum of several thousand pounds to further my training and therefore enhance my career, opening possibilities to me which would not otherwise have existed; such as financial possibilities for the growth and development of my for-profit company. A percentage of any profit I do make feeds back into the British economy as well as into the more ethical global economy. 

I can simply state for a fact that my dredlocks have resulted in stimulation and growth of the economy which in a time of economic crisis is a valuable asset to the nation. If I did not have dredlocks, none of that would have been possible. Accepting the systematic harassment is unfortunately a part of the lifestyle.

Only a few of those people who have helped me with this actually reside in Britain. Most of them are international based which furthers my point that the British mindset is closed and repressive. This is why my role in society is so valuable; I represent freedom in the eyes of other people who also feel repressed. Society needs to heal and this simple factor is a part of that healing process. We need to feel free or we cannot thrive.

I have not mentioned fully in this blog how dreadlocks are the traditional symbol for Celtic shamen and spiritualists. That is the topic for another blog much closer to my heart deserving of more in-depth exploration. I have also not mentioned how many females find me drop-dead sexually attractive simply because of what my hair represents to them and what I look like because of a roots cultural hairstyle.

I am looking into insuring my dreds against damage on the basis that they are integral to my companies future financial success. I have been threatened by the uk police that they have an ability to unlawfully imprison me and cut my hair off, which since it would damage my business and I do not break any laws, would put me in a situation of being able to sue the police for corporate damages as well as playing the mental-emotional abuse card, given how much my allegedly egotistic self-image relies on dreadlocks as my comfort zone and a coping mechanism necessary for dealing with the world (as proved and as backed up by previous counseling sessions resulting in, quote “ not in need of psychiatric counseling” unquote); an unfortunate possibility which is something no sane person wants to enter into. Now that you have read this blog, you have pierced beyond the skin-deep to see that it might not be ego that drives me after all.

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