Thursday, 10 December 2015

5 things that professional blog writers do that puts me off them

5 things that professional blog writers do that puts me off them.

Now you know who i am writing directly at, it seems to have gotten your undivided attention. The trick works; everything in the title tells you the vital, missing ingredient to your wellbeing is to be found here and here alone.

My point is, no blog in the world which uses such attention grabbing tricks, has personality worth pursuing. The word count is copy-pasted from the book of catchy jingles. The blog itself does not say anything worth reading. It merely uses electricity, time and webspace which should be put to much better use.

Am i making money from writing this? Are you making money from reading it? Has your life been enriched by ingesting the satirical humour of yet another internet personality? Answer honestly; no to all of the above.

You were lured in here because your mind is so easy to trick, your shallow attention is so easily led, and you are affronted at being confronted with the very real fact that what has just happened to you, happens to millions of us every day, relies on simple mind programming.

You need to decontaminate your soul, okay so at least you need to decondition your mind from all the levers and memes you can now see affect it subconsciously. And that is why you need to get into the writings of snakeappletree. Its content is largely from outside of the box labelled 'win within society'. And that is how you win within society - breaking all its rules is the only way to stand out, retain credibility, to be unique and in doing all that, make it. Following the established codex is simple zombification.

The more time you waste on the internet thinking it is getting you somewhere, the more deeply entrenched all of those levers are going to be. I already showed you how easy you are to play because of them. You are that malleable in real life too, your mind is mush and you dont even see that; the cause and the symptom are the same. As one of the good guys I am doing this to wake you up some. You need to be deconditioned. The survival of the human race does depend on you going forward from here having made a genuine decision to be less of a robot in future.

Apologies that i am talking down to you and doing the shallow version of this topic. That's what makes a good blog; instantly forgotten because you mentally agreed with every word while reading it. To read something difficult, written purposefully to put you through an awkward experience of belittling you and making you realise what a machine fed worm you are becoming because nothing else in the internet is helping you to think for yourself; it is a necessary stage in your development toward becoming more human, more alive.

I can help you a lot more, if you buy my book you will learn techniques of switching off your computer and burning books, ignoring other people telling you what to do, questioning assumptions about righteousness and what merits success. A thousand people an hour can read this but that is not popularity and nor is it achieving success. My being paid because you read this is not success because it permeates the distracting and pointless activity of blogging as a worthy method of chasing dollar.

Only hard truth is success. If you remember having read this in six months from now, and it inspires you to stop eating bleaching agents so that your brain can heal; that is success for both of us.

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