Wednesday, 30 December 2015

cost effective

I tell people that my time is worth money. 

Men respect this. Most women do not; except for professional women who also charge money for their time do respect this. I am not being intentionally sexist, this is basically my experience of the matter. Why do most women think they should have me for free? And then they argue with each other about me. My ex, my current one and another one who wants me next, talk together and treat me as if I am some sort of of possession, a thing to be owned. I cannot help but resent them for this. It makes me want to be single and not have to serve their whims. 

There is nobody who in my opinon is exempt from this, unless they are pre-pubescent and therefore childcare, or elderly and therefore care for the aged. Those categories I do not charge money for my time, it is a social responsibility and in this I retain both humility and humanity. Anyone in between is a pain in the wallet mindfuck, imho. As iterated, I charge money for my time. 

Blacks Law Dictionary definition of Money: 
b. of monetary value

It is not only time but the energy it takes to deal with people. I charge money for my energy and I alone get to decide where that goes. It is my Right and it is my authority to do this. There are too many energy vampires. It's not as if I have surplus of either time nor energy; I have less than zero in my bank account today and I also have chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Is there a justification? 
She says I need her, and so as a result I find myself falling into her projected energy grid and needing her. Only when I detach and stabilize myself again do I see it for what it is. Had she not used her Attention to project that desire onto me, I would not have felt that way about her. It's a simple trick and it is so commonplace as to be invisible. Shops use it, people use it, corporations use it, places use it. Energy has personality, is a dradel. 

Once you know it, nothing is the same again. 
Once you see it for what it is, you know the world for what it is. You know Life.

And yet, only when two people need each other so deeply, that their hearts are mutually interchanging the energy flow, can something greater grow. We are designed to search for this, for a balance partner. When two people accept and grow together that strongly, one heart with two bodies, only then does their dance create a world together. If stable, if they empower each other, it thrives. However if unstable, if one or both are vampiric, they split up and do a lot of damage on the way. 

Typically the next lover is expected to heal that damage because people are not taught about how projected energy works, are not taught to balance the self properly. This is because a culture of exploitation is generated purposefully so as to exploit people by distracting them with shiny new things, and that is what causes the pollution sickness. 

It is a society in decline because there is not enough value placed on craftwork, things we make, because the patience and dedication to developing skills at that level are not encouraged. Becoming a tv zombi destroys the ability to master such arts. Relationships and self balancing are both arts in this respect as much as making objects for trade. 

Consumerism relies on purchase of disposable mass manufactured goods, and people treat each other and themselves as disposable. What is your value? to yourself, to the community, to your balance partner? 

You will not meet your balance partner until you cleanse yourself of distraction. Discipline and study is required. It is very difficult in this society to maintain such a high energy level and to establish sufficient financial stability to achieve that. Shiny disposable distractions are the problem. And more complicated is that we are pulled in all directions by the attention focus of many other people, that we ourselves make energy attachments to many other things and people. Our energy filters away from us because lack of clarity and lack of focus, we diffuse our power because of distractions and need. These distractions and need are a drain, projected onto us by people who do not value themselves, how can they value you?

I began this by explaining that my time is worth money. The time it took to write these words, which I gift to you for free, cannot be reclaimed. Here then starts a tiny revolution, a step up from the previous paradigm by which you were dragged down into the sludge and drudgery. A tiny taste of me to help you rise above the need and greed which controls you. Make of it what you will.  

Meanwhile, I am stepping aside and into the realm of more than you can afford, because that is where I truly belong.

(terms and conditions in advance) By Common Law

uk £ 100 per letter elicited
uk £ 1,000 per hour, or part thereof, per appearance in natural &/or legal person
uk £ 10,000 per order

As a freelance professional polymath there is no applicable industry cap.

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