Monday, 28 December 2015


Please take five minutes to educate yourself about the following, very important information.

It is aimed at reducing prejudice in the community. 

There are three strands to this email.
1. Alternative Culture and Hate Crime
2. Statistical Data regarding Gender Violence
3. Justification regarding why this email was compiled. 

The links below work together to establish an overview based on factual data.

Sophie's Law 

In 2012 the British legislation was amended to include prejudice against people from Alternate Cultures as Hate Crime along with racial, sexual, religious, gender and disability based discrimination. 

More evidence that we live in a Female dominated Culture despite what people are told to believe: 

- Wales Domestic Abuse Act 2015

As a single parent father with NVQs in childcare I would like to highlight not only the lack of Males involved in Childcare but also the difficulty heterosexual men have in getting involved in childcare; despite social-psychology reports indicating heavily that "children thrive best with mixed gender parenting."

I was unable to do NVQ3 in college because of gender discrimination. It apparently frightens the women in control of financing, awarding and employing child carers; not only that a non-homosexual man wants to be involved in raising the next generation to be successful, well-balanced adults but also that he came top of the class, thus proving hetero males can be better and more natural at childcare than females.

The suspicion surrounding men compared with that of women is undermined by the statistical evidence outlined in the above links. This example reveals anti-male prejudice to be a more widespread social problem than that of any endangerment to children by a minority of individuals of whatever gender, which we hear so much about from the fear inducing television. Justifying prejudice against men by the argument of protecting children, is annulled simply by the statistics. 

You can help to change our broken society for the better by distributing this information to relevant parties. 

Thank you.

Joe ex-dreadlocks

NB cutting off my dreadlocks to avoid prejudice from state workers has also made me less accepted by the general community; and by the children to whom my hair was funny; and to several non-British people who were previously funding me, therefore stimulating the local economy. British state workers apparently resent all of that as much as they irrationally resent a traditional Celtic hairstyle. 

That the herbal soap cleansed dreadlocks have tested pure and devoid of drugs and also contained no carcinogenic, brain-shrinking chemicals from cheap toxic shampoo's is not something I ever had a chance to discuss with most of the the state workers who previously prejudiced against me, because explaining this to them is typically regarded as my having a problem with authority and not as an attempt to educate people toward healthier living. I have no problem with authority because I happen to know what that word actually means. 

I do advise you to research what the chemicals you are smearing onto your own and your children's scalps are actually doing to your health and to the ecology. They are illegal in some more advanced nations because of the health risk. While there are eco-alternatives which are more cost effective and hygienic than chemicals, the purpose of this email is not to advertise private companies whom I have no personal financial gain from - although that information can be made available upon request. 

Please see the following links exposing HATE CRIME and PREJUDICE in South Wales

Despite evidence gathered, the South Wales Police have zero interest in pursuing the matters because they are a part of the same Abuse Network (see photograph in CYCA link as evidence).

I cannot write much at all about the local Social Services due to them blackmailing me that they will fabricate evidence to have my son forceably adopted if I go public with my actual evidence. Having already been set-up by the South Wales Police who are supportive of the SS, I know they mean business. That they protect abusers and persecute whistle-blowers is a major indicator that something is seriously wrong with the system.

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