Tuesday, 1 December 2015


My Issue With Spiritism

The old world of the 20th century has a very different mindset to the new world. Older spirits cannot cope with it. They believe I am strange because I do not conform to their preconceptions. In many ways their humanity is humbling. After teaching some of them what these things called computer technologies is, they begin to accept how fast evolution is happening as result of technology affecting human attitudes and what we are capable of. A lot of the older spirits are heavy, they are weight, they latch onto us and drag us back down into their control systems. I constantly seek to avoid this.

Example; The spirits can see that the woman up the road needs a partner and so do I. They can recognise that we are vaguely compatible, enough that a relationship might work were we to give it a go and work toward making each other happy by overcoming our own ego’s. In the old days, if a thing was broken people would fix it. Now we are used to disposable cheap plastic things and we regard people the same way, cheap disposable consumer items that we download from the internet and throw in the recycling when we are done. In the old days, people did not have cars and the gene pools stagnated by inbred locals with not much option for potential partners. It was actually pretty obvious back then; the wealthier castes could choose who they wanted from a wider area while the poorer castes had to make do with whoever was in easy walking distance. People travelled by foot. Settlers have a different mentality from the travellers and now that so many people have cars, the traveller attitude is the normal. We still make a distinction between people with dreadlocks and spiritual ethics, these we call travellers while people who use cars daily do not regard themselves as travellers. Our generation are using the same words for different meanings and this does not help in communicating with the older spirits much either.

The woman up the road and I do not want each other. The spirits think there is something wrong with us because we are not thinking like normal people used to think back in the old days. They understand this to themselves that people of my generation are expecting too much out of life.

The other, and this is a much bigger problem for me, is that most of the older spirits were brainwashed by the local religion at the time and they believe I have to be punished and purged of my wicked ways. They grew up in a generation of austerity which means I get frowned upon if I leave the tap running for a few seconds too long or if I wait too long between boiling the kettle and pouring the tea. It is a waste of energy to them; and as spirits who require energy as much as any of us, they are astutely aware of the alchemical transitions between states of energy in a way we overlook. How much fossil fuels, how much nuclear pollution, how much sunlight is required to power your device for the time it takes to read these words? As a writer I desire feedback from readers as to the worthiness of my communication given the cost of resources it has taken to get the message into your mind. I am using a language the older spirits cannot understand easily. This is because I am on a different frequency. As a spirit medium I have to balance between frequencies and this is not always easy.

I speak also with spirits of the future generations who have the same trouble with me. Most of them, often as direct result of my writings, are able to communicate more fully than I have been able to with the ancestors. Things are going to change a lot in future as generations become more spiritually focussed across more of the planets population. Our abilities are going to extend widely into dimensions which most people have no concept can exist. It is a very exciting time of transition, the millennial shift.

My problem with the older spirits is they want to take control of my life. They steer things from behind the scenes, they put thoughts in our heads, tweak our brains and adjust our perceptions just so, that we walk one path and not another. Agendas and control games, even from the afterlife such as it is. Many of them simply wish to be reborn and so arrange events to ensure the chosen parents meet despite all odds. The living are too self-absorbed, egotistical, distracted by the thousand things, to regard ghosts would have so much control. Nobody likes to face that at some deeper levels of reality than we can consciously see,that we actually have very little choice about the important things in life. It is these important things to which the spirits are working, levers we could label as social controls.

When I try to explain this to the living, they believe me to be crazy. Most other spiritists believe me to be satanic because their training has come through the religious schools, and have placed a dogma upon their understanding of the physics and mechanics involved. I very much resent the judgemental attitudes which inhibit us from seeing things as they truly are. I describe a situation and those involved in the situation believe me to be attacking them. This is another problem we all need to be aware of and to overcome. Ego-based experts do not like to meet a greater expert, do not recognise a teacher emerging among us. I hope never to be the same myself. 

My principle is very simple; the Truth is a fundament, an absolute, and anything else is a deviation from it. So either we know it, are aligned with it or; control games, dogma and falseness. Power comes not from dominion but from flowing free. Many have showed me the value of this approach and not one of them has encountered anything resembling a religious deity.

I am only 38 years in this body but a vastly older soul. Largely this is from communicating with those who are on my wavelength and the sad truth that most of them by far, died long ago or are yet to be born. This is what it means to be the Bridge, my mayan astrological sign. And as a communicator, I write that others may be helped by my experience and insight long after I am gone from the flesh.

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