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Cultural Compromise

FantasyReality blog series

The information contained in this blog may offend some and educate others. 
Simply because it is the Truth

The state paperwork about me is bogus.
When I asked for evidence that their hearsay and allegations are founded in truth, they panicked. Afraid i would win were I to take their department to court. It coincided with a benefits claim which required their signature. As a response they backed my claim entirely and the government were instructed to give me a fat sum of money, larger than what i would have go by suing the NHS mental health quango. This is basically how it works in the real world. I am exonerated for my involvement with corruption because of my help a group of people have secure employment and all they have to do is fabricate evidence about me. For example when i complain that their paperwork is fictional with no evidence, they write about my paranoia of state workers being symptomatic of my condition.

I believe this has relevance here having in previous blogs mentioned the metatheater and this series exploring the affinities between roleplay and reality.

Suis Juris, I am sane, probably one of the most sane people you will ever encounter. Two teams of psychiatrists and three surgeries of GPs cannot doctor their way into incriminating me sufficiently even to get one chemical pill down my throat much less have me sectioned for anti-socialism. I complain every step of the way that i am misdiagnosed and the doctors are manipulating myself and the system for their own financial gain. The proof of my sanity is my behavior, I do nothing untoward aside from having to deal with an unusually large percentile of narcissistic personality disorder liars readily eager to manipulate my misdiagnosis into their schemes, everybody knows the guy is crazy, social stigma, to justify their abuse games. I go through life exposing abusers and they call me names and throw money at me to shut me up about it. Spoken words autistically easy to ignore. The shrinks have got it wrong but they can never admit to that because they don't want me to sue them. So they cover it up which works in everybodies favour. This is how society works in the really real world. It is not how I want it to work but my voice is discredited by those who hide behind the bureaucratic mask of professional authority.

Traditionally doctors take the hypocratic oath. What is hypocrisy?

And so this has been my experience of FantasyReality projected onto me by other people. The more I object the further they twist that objection into perceived proof of non-conformity. A schizophrenic duality which Orwell described as double-think is not a path I chose, it is one which state society has entangled me into for its own gain. The consequence, I am unemployable due to dogma of what bogus paperwork says, means that my time is my own, I get paid to tell the truth to anyone who will listen and my online readership numbers literally thousands to whom I am very grateful for your attention-energy, it fills me with satisfaction that my otherwise pointless existential nightmare has some merit after all, that I am contributing to the community in some lasting and meaningful way despite having been alienated by prejudice more than most people are willing to face up to. 

© image from Minority Report, used for educational purposes

They project their dogma, their reptilian grid, their consensus onto me. I have little say in the matter and complain about it until they give me money to shut me up and then i take the money and  live a better life which i am unable to live otherwise because of the dogma which they project onto me. This is not of my choosing. I am not defined by other people and their manipulations and false versions of me.

An artist can climb a tree to get a result without it being an act of a mad person. He can justify the activity because of his purpose, his class, his mission, his task, his role in society. He is not a monkey. He is not suffering delusions. He is not trapped in flight mode and seeking to escape the street. He simply wants to see what it looks like from up here so that he can draw perspective better. Why would he need a better perspective? Because he is an artists and that is what they do. 

Such activities result in misdiagnosis of insanity by people with no life experience outside of the institute, people who are trapped in boxes and receive their instructions from a robot full of outdated misinformation designed to perpetuate the pharmacology industry instead of curing dis-eases. People do not climb trees that is what monkeys do ergo he believes himself to be a monkey. This whole thing about perspective shows that in daily tasks of walking up the street he is incapable and therefore he is now officially delusional and unfit for normal activities.

Having doctored his record, writ the script, the doctor returns to his trance state of admiring a particularly appropriate painting on his office wall, the one window he has into a less grey and less boxed in world, a painting made by an artist who climbed trees. The irony is lost to the doctor who despite years of medical schooling has not developed the advanced perception required to appreciate that his authoritative position of power in society is relevant only under the strictures of that society and does not take into account the wider picture. The doctors office wall is simply not large enough to contain a widescreen landscape which the artist is currently working on in his garret. 

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