Monday, 16 January 2017

You Talk Too Much

We are better being natural than of the mind. 

When we talk, that is all of the Mind. We call it 'ego' but it is not really ego which is a necessary component to assimilate and correlate the id, the super-ego and external stimuli. It is the Mind, not the ego which is a problem. Mind uses us and we do not often use it. 

Always I observed two types of people. In today's terms, Judgers and Intuitives. Both think the other has a bit missing. Judgers cannot see that Mind uses us and we do not often use it. Intuitives can. That is one difference.

So I do not enjoy speaking with people. Better to feel together in silence. We would get so much further; it is evolutionary. Most of the disputes between people are of the Mind. This is not hyper-sensitivity or being over-emotional which is what Judgers lacking in empathy describe it as. Being together in silence means developing sensory abilities into extra-sensory abilities. We lost all of that when we started talking. We do not communicate verbally about the important information because by talking we disconnect from experiencing. 

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