Saturday, 14 January 2017

Kohl Club 17

Femri radio-telescope 5-year view of Gamma emissions with constellations

"When the Time is Right" Bryan Charleywood

The Kohl Club is a magickal place. The masonic forms obeyed have manifest as a specific grid with allocatable references. It is an experiment but it is also by process, mastery.

It occupies a mathematical precision which resonates through mass-time (space and event). This harmony is a grid, a vortice. Kohl Club exists in a digital dream of Virtual Reality. It exists in all visitors to it, to whom it is connected energetically.

Comprehension of importance of number 7 in our practical working context can be found HERE. The symbol 7 is of import for it mirrors Gamma: together these two components form a Tau Cross, the column as direct path to Horizon. As Ankh: to Divinity symbolized as Circle of wholeness.

Observation that 70 viewers observed the original Kohl Club blog within its first 21 minutes, then 170 observers viewed it within its first 13 hours. 

This weekend Friday the 13th followed by SaturnDay the 14th (7+7). Tomorrow 3x5=15th will be SunDay (in our context of 'Black and Gold' this will be JoveDay). Alignments. We can recognize the grid and those who dance it, those who conform to it, and those who avert it (three castes). Catalysts and Slaves.

This filler blog is waffle about the excitement of getting somewhere recently having been developing the Kohl Club VR build texturally and it's fittings. It exists as a link between esoteric subject matter of recent blogs and how they 'inspire' my art. This alone justifies its existence.

The Kohl Club is a goth nightclub influenced by Aegyptian magickal ritual of the Hermetic school (astro-numerology).

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