Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Hedonic Engineering

When a neurological system bonds with plastic, it causes cancer.

When a neurological system bonds with plastic vibrators, it deforms the nerves. In much the same way as a coffee or chocolate addict's taste buds grow to identify with that particular flavour, and then when more grow, they require that particular flavour to feel comfort. Our bodies physically change to adapt to the food we repeatedly feed them.

When a neurological system adapts to a human neurological system, penis and vagina nerves, electrical signals are passed between the two people. The electrical polarity charge is unique to every individual. Males and females both carry different spectrum of pulses designed to balance and harmonize the other.

When a male is attempting to neurologically bond with a female who regularly uses vibrators, her attunement is deformed and it affects the natural ability for male and female nerves to balance one another. The deep bond which can occur between sexual partners and is spoken about and studied actively by tantra practitioners is not possible if the females nerves are tuned to a dildo instead of a penis. It takes literally several months of abstaining from a dildo and regularly using a penis before her body begins to fix itself enough for that deep bond to begin. In the meantime he is receiving a dose of toxic attunement from her deformed electric signal.

This is not fiction, this is actually what happens when a woman uses a dildo instead of a man. It creates an inability for their bodies to combine into one nervous system which vibrates harmoniously to nature. Instead they vibrate to the spectrum of plastic, which is carcinogenic.

If you enjoy sex enough to be doing it with a plastic toy, you need to be in a relationship.

Hedonic Engineering - "A phrase coined by Timothy ('turn on, tune in, drop out') Leary and Robert Anton Wilson to describe techniques of sexual reimprinting to overcome negative sexual imprinting by societal and/or parental influences. Some people use Leary's and Wilson's techniques in their scenes.”  - https://www.squidge.org/novad/Primer/Definitions.html

This is the closest term I can find to re-attuning the human organism to function normally when combined with another human organism after use of dildo’s.

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