Saturday, 14 January 2017

Decker And Deckard

Ridley Scott meets Roleplay


Source:    Shadowrun (FASA corp)

Fitted with a cranial jack socket, a Decker can access a shared cyber-environment through mental-over-ride of perceptual functions.

The term 'Matrix' to describe a transitory digital dream of computer realm was coined by FASA for Shadowrun. 

It fed on the subconscious Id (ego, id and super-ego from Freudian / Jungian psychology model) of any Decker who jacked in. 

This concept has been used as inspiration by many cyberpunk, sci-fi-noir and anime film-makers and explored in many ways.

Computer + Mind = reptilian cortex (post-millennial associations)

cubic domecile


Source:   Blade Runner 
              (Ridley Scott)

Film Noir Private Investigator motif.

Retires 'Skin Job' Replicants. 
Rephrase that;
Kills Rogue Androids. 

It's in a name.
Deck is a deck of cards.

Many possibilities yet within a limited range.

Card derives from the French word Cartouche and originally described the Tarot book from which modern playing cards developed.

Tarot is ancient Aegyptian.


"More Human than Human." Tyrell Corporation
"I prefer the term Artificial People" Bishop, Alien movie

Androids are robots with no emotions. Throughout paranoid popular science-fiction of the 21st century, Androids which develop emotions become a hazard. Emotions are recognized to be a hazard.

Computers, Cards and Chess - Enochian Grids and the Matrix

See also my blog The Grand Gridding for further information about this.

[section TBC]

Blade Runner IS Aegyptian Ritual Magick

Imagery as Cartouche. Tarot symbology. Elements and Energetic Essence. Video as Portal.

[section TBC]

Example One: Grids & Gold 

Umbrella and Jump = Triangle

2x 'Black' characters and 2x 'Gold' characters
 are either 'gridded' (their head touches a black and white chess board)
or are 'in motion' (their head touches a moving triangle)
NB third level - 3 Chinese Words become 3 lines of text (gold)

landing - NB gold umbrella and Atari logo

"All these, moments; will be lost, in time." Roy Batty

ritual Altar in foreground, note Shell (seen also in Zora scene)

Example 2: Rachel As Shakti

Goddess Shakti divine consort of Shiva

Rachel the Replicant

 And now for something completely different 

BladeRunner Deckard
Firefly, browncoat

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