Sunday, 8 January 2017



"Recrudescence is the revival of material or behavior that had previously been stabilized, settled, or diminished. In medicine, it is usually defined as the recurrence of symptoms after a period of remission or quiescence, in which sense it can sometimes be synonymous with relapse."

A melancholy day within a cloud occasional rain, re-purposing the past, fitting together all the confused moments of the past six months which made little sense at the time too busy to take it on.
Trying to find a way - the right way - to express lessons and where it has gotten us today.

Acceptance. It is all about acceptance and letting go. Facing that which we can not let go of and wondering what the best thing to do with it is.

Our mood amplifies through those we hold in our hearts, be they full of hate or love or desperation. We resonate, a torsion field effect electromagnetic invisible to all but sensitives and the senses. We resonate and can pinpoint with precision accuracy who, what, where, how, why, this colorful disharmony or otherwise, emanates. It comes from within, not the self core but from the overlay of another with whom we occupy this exact precise same space, both sitting at the center of a web, both the same ting and sharing a moment. there is comfort in this.

Although the mood is muted, blue-grey, sullen and too stubborn to act on instinct because the ego steps in and kicks the shit into our attempts at honesty. Programmed to believe that decency is to do the opposite of what comes natural. We have a long way to go before we can look ourselves in the eye over this one. Speaking as a species, we need the right people in the right places for the flow to be able to flow.

Half of them are Judgers and that is the big problem for empaths, the Judgers put inhibitors and blockages where we need there to be open spaces and feelings of comfort. We learn to judge ourselves harshly because we are told we do not fit in, we do not conform to their rigid ruled society, slavery.

So we secretly build our own society away from them, outside of their understanding. We build it from within ourselves, sending such strong thoughts, feelings, comforts, colours of healing, feelings of reassurance that even though we blew it before back then when things were less settled and we were caught up in so much entanglement, deep down we are alright and there is no problem. We step outside of material time to do this. We have this ability and the Judgers appear not to. This is our space, outside of time where we feel group comfort. This is how we are evolving. This is where we belong and Love without compromise.

This year we are building a new world, fearless because this Love is accepting. Even if in the material world we reject and resent, behind all that ugly facade we know we are the same and allies and one. The tension is the pain between being that openly and knowing that only as a theory while using the veils and excuses not to get on. Histories and beliefs, delusions and confusions, get in the way of simplicity, elegance, laughing together in peace.

We are an evolving species and the path is not clear of obstacles. But we can imagine it being so and at times of inner harmony we are already there. Six months of stress and now in a clear moment the equilibrium returns. Love, there is only Love, the highest vantage from which all other becomes immediately transparent and recognizable for what it is. So many people living mistakes, deluded, chasing the wrong paths. I was one of them. In all probability I will return to being one of them within a short space of time. Right here and now outside of time, these words are shaped to remind.

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