Thursday, 12 January 2017

Cyberpunk 3D Challenge

3D Build Challenge.

> Build a scene in one sitting.
> Use no pre-made components. 
> Does not have to be photo-representational, artistic license applies. 
> Better textures can be added later.
> low-prim / low-poly / low-lag is better than liquid curves.

Here is tonight's challenge:


In all probability ALL of these challenges are going to be cyberpunk streets. 
If we all did one each a night we would have a whole city done very quickly. 
Especially with asset-sharing.

image from Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Culture Facebook Group

 - 6 hours later -
damn, looks like i got distracted again
have been uploading useful cyberpunk pillars into my SL VR build
instead of focus on the Challenge at hand

to be continued ...

view my half-arsed SL blog series HERE

Next Week's Project:

The trick is to make these builds modular so each building can be re-arranged next to any of the other buildings from any of the scenes. Keep it low-poly. At some point a procedural generator will become available to upload all these modular cyberpunk buildings into.

Important discussion on SCALE must occur if anyone wants in on this challenge. Me I work to this: a person measures approx 2m x 1m x 0.5m therefore a door space measures approx 3m x 2m while a standard ceiling is approx 4.5m or 5m high. 

This scale IS larger than real life compared with the size of the character, however in a video game environment you need that - the doors large enough to easily walk through, the shoulder space for the camera to show the character instead of the carpet of the floor above.

Check this out! 

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