Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Feminism as a movement was usurped and used as a tool of social destruction. It has been used to disempower both genders. “Divided and conquered” for the exploitation of community, by strategic corporate social control.
What Feminism should be about:

Physical and Social issues for those with female bodies.

This extends to include "maiden mother crone"
and therefore Parenting from the Mothers perspective.

That's it.

Anything which is outside of that is not Feminism. 

Example: homosexual men who modify their male body to convert it into a female body because they consider themselves to have been born into the wrong gendered body, is transexualism, is a different issue to Feminism, is NOT Feminism.

Anybody involving themselves in gender warfare, is NOT Feminism.

Anybody who authentically discussing Equal Rights must begin with replacing gender-specific words with the words 'person' and 'people'. This is called Humanism. Humanism is genderless although it embraces both Feminism and Masculism equally.
Development and usurption of the Feminist Movement and it’s chief concerns:
first wave feminism 
"both genders have equal rights"
(equity and equality / heterosexuality)

second wave feminism 
"women can do whatever men can do"
(gender rivalry / lesbianism)

third wave feminism 
"women are superior to men"
(female supremacy / lesbianism)

fourth wave feminism 
"women are spiritual beings"
(bisexual promiscuity)

fifth wave feminism
"the rational individual should not be restrained"
(self responsibility)

This trend will continue to be confused until modern, post-modern and post-post-modern forms of Feminism is replaced by Humanism. Because: 

Men are spiritual beings too. Dogs are spiritual beings too. Tree’s are spiritual beings too. Water and Air are a spiritual being too. Queefing I am not so sure about, possibly it’s case specific.

The point is that women are not exclusively spiritual beings. Neither are women by default spiritual beings simply for having been born into a female body. If she is not actively being spiritual, she is not spiritual. Feminism should include the types of spiritual being which women are and nothing else is. Feminism should not reject anything non-female as non-spiritual (as has happened with second, third and fourth wave feminism).

When women did not have a right to vote, it was not the fault of Men. It was the fault of corporate system owned by usury banking cartel. It was not the fault of Patriarchy whatever that is, it was the fault of usury controlled, tier governed society. Capitalist-Masons. The same group whose media wing uses divide-and-conquer strategies brainwashing generations into hating the complimentary gender. While people and community evolves far beyond that, it is shackled to an inherited system designed around exploitation as a form of governance.


Days after posting this it was brought to my attention that although cultural historians are only now recognizing the emergence of 4th wave feminism, there is also already a movement describing itself as the 5th wave.

5th wave feminism:
Rejects 3rd ad 4th wave feminism. Rejects irrationality. Opposes control of the individual. Promotes equality of gender opportunity. Accepts Facts. Libertarian.

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