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Dumb Broads and Wide Loads
Quest for Authenticity 
Culture Spring

"It is sad when a colony goes bad. When it goes bad it is because it has a bad queen. A queen goes bad when she has a bad mate. We can see this process simply in Bee's." A local bee keeper

Dumb Broads and Wide Loads

She has assumed responsibility for me which is why she is broad, she is too big for her responsibilities. What she has done with her assumed responsibility for me is punish me for living within my lawful rights. This is why she is a dumb broad. It is gangsterism.

What needs to happen to get rid of the friction is for us to energetically balance. The simplest way to achieve that is to hug and for the hug to be accepted by both with no hidden intent of further manipulation, a genuine hug which works. This is called a sixty second hug because the energy fields automatically balance and override any agendas of the mind. If the mind is functioning properly, if not then it is stubborn and set. 

These are what domination games are. The mind afraid to hug is an ego afraid to let go of its dogma issues. A hug is wholesome involving all chakras. Real people can cope with the maturity level required to balance holistically with a person. The result can be lasting friendship.

When a person is not willing to balance with themself they refuse to hug another person. They are not willing to be balanced with others because they are not willing to be balanced within themself. A hug balances people. This is why it feels so good. Broken people do not permit themselves to feel so good, neither do they genuinely respect others who they perceive as being more successful because they feel better about themselves.

It is so simple but the people who thrive on imbalance in the community they actively hate hugs, they oppress anyone who suggests the simple healing. They exploit the imbalance for energy and profit. 

Living where I do there is a strong 1930s American gangster town vibe here. It is a cowgirl town. The second world war changed a lot of the developing culture, by the 70s it had gone corporate. The 50s tv and 60s mod generations imprinted a blanket mentality across most of western civilisation, tv modernity being the common frame of reference that acting is normal and authenticity is something to both repress and to seek. 

A schizoptypal mindset affected culture. Whether this 'reptilian technology tool of war against Humanity' was designed or not for the purpose, its effect is the same: to create dissonance, friction, division. It is not working for the benefit of Humanity that our perception and cognitive abilities are evolving in such a way.

Quest for Authenticity

The quest for authenticity. Dune original series. Breakfast at Tiffanies. Modernity is television generations who did not grow up around real people but learned how to be from actors. To them acting is normal behaviour. Being genuine is something they learn to repress because it is dangerous to wear an open heart. Lies founded on lies become the working reference the experienced cohesion. A reality which is constructed of fantasy. It is self-absorbed and illusion-worshipping, not a positivist fantasy. Certainly not consenting between all parties. It results in widespread confusion and levers for manipulation-exploitation.

Many people injured by cultural conditioning cannot handle authentic decency because they have been told it is a trick. As soon as they reject authentic decency believing it to be a trick, they have entered into cognitive dissonance instead of reality. Extreme cases is called disbelief syndrome. These are mental health illnesses. Simply because a cohesion is mainstream within a society does not make it any less of a mental health illness. Being aware of this is critical to surviving.

Use of the expression "well adjusted" is itself a symptom of cognitive dissonance and how deeply entrenched the delusion has affected culture. An adjustment to an illness means repositioning oneself to accept and accommodate the illness. That is secondary level illness.  

"Rot from the core spreads outward." Bene Tleilaxu

To accept that a trick is real and real is a trick is to be tricked. Believing in a trick regardless of awareness of this is willingly becoming delusional. This may be necessary for practicality however it is still use of trickery to create and grow a delusion in replacement of reality.

You only have to see a stage conjurer to recognise how easily the mind can be tricked. We have not even gone into hypnosis yet, which effectively is what this form of trickery is, is what cognitive dissonance and disbelief syndrome is. The hypnotised state. When mainstream are under hypnosis and programmed to persecute those who are not, it is a problem for those who retain objective clarity. Mental impairment is a tool designed to persecute those with clarity and to disable their ability to be immune to the hypnosis.

Culture Spring

Culture develops through stages. This backwater town is a microcosm still catching up with nearly a hundred years of social cultural development, within a generation.

When I was in Berlin five years after the wall came down, my host explained that within two years the youth had assimilated forty years of western cultural development within two years. He explained that they did not stop there, they accelerated to an extent that will take the rest of Europe and the western world another forty years to catch up with. Regarded as a social experiment we can understand the principle that a held spring bounces higher when released than does an open spring.
The community I was introduced to were polyamory, polygamous, a tribe who look after its members. They were the closest I ever encountered to the Fremen of Dune with the sietch orgies and everyone knowing their place and responsibilities because they were all sincere and honest enough to live transparently. They had not yet westernized by adapting to the trickery of media indoctrinated double-think which is the replacement of authenticity with acceptance of socially cohesive delusion. It is delusion nevertheless.These were honest, authentic, advanced people. Their parents are intolerably repressed and repressive. The generation gap is vast.

My painting series "reaching out for that from which we are escaping" is held together by these philosophies.

The problems faced now in western civilisation is the return to a state of purity where social confusions dissolve that a state of authenticity may return as mainstream objective mindset. Recognition that we have been for several generations living within a delusion for purpose of social exploitation, a delusion reinforced by static structure. This needs to crumble before progress can be made. With Rothschild announcing that the century old agenda toward a new world order is failing, there is hope that we might yet achieve clarity as a civilisation.

That is must be based on flexibility, transparency and permissiveness rather than repression and domination is a major impetus for further development. 

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