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I meditate, contemplate and turn it around until the awakening revelation occurs, wisdom from experience and knowing the underlaying theme of our tale, the brickwork and girder structure through which our experiences flow. We assume we are pioneering a new thing and that it is madness to talk of repeating the same, repeating the same, lifetime after lifetime because we are walking on ripples of original events so long ago. 

Yet entering the gridding of powerful events, cosmic alignments, the pulse of life shows clearly that this is so. As it happens my mind whirls with words. Sometimes the words flood my attention so powerfully they have to be written down. In town I rapidly bought a pad and pen set, sat on a bench and scrawled until my mind was free and i could go about my business. 

This is a transcript from the pocket notepad. These are the observations, revelations, from Saint Davids Day where groups celebrated the energy of a Sainted Being by performing, the brass music of a religious band in its reverence has holy resonance.

Ogham & Holo - Part One

When we judge from cultural conditioning, we get it wrong.

Instinct and purity if the soul is the only true reasoning.
Especially in matters of the heart.

Society is a mess because of this. Religions form to set peoples objectivity straight and they soon become part of the problem. Even Buddhism got sidetracked, necessarily for it has so kuch to teach which requires multiple lifetimes to assimilate. The ability to awaken transmigrated consciousness, the awakening of that, the memory of previous knowledges, the purpose of what to do with the holistic singularity which you are at this time, the hostility if a world which has no such insights due to toxic distraction, the objectivity if cleansing that or avoiding it to progress. Accepting we cannot change it all because so much is beyond our scope. Focus on what we can do which is sacred because it is divine.

The progression toward sainthood means living a specific way, the opening of the heart to sense and love all things. To accept and to forgive all things so as not to be caught and twisted into their  scheme. It is a liberation and this is step by step planetary liberation. The original intention.

The teachings are transmitted by energetic imprint, harmonies with the flow of them.

Achieving and maintaining clarity of focus. 

1 cultural conditioning is agenda based reasoning and does not build lasting stability because it is not truth.

The truth of a thing. The shape of its nature. Recognizing it (and if necessary thwarting its control of us by detaching, to avoid distraction, to flow purely in ascent).

Even in  the language we use to describe it.

Re - cognize

Is that to re-interpret or Re the Egyptian (Asyr- Ba'bEl-) deified concept of 'the radiant / ray from Source' - as intended.

We could all have a more fun life and a more stable community by deconditioning from:


Disclaimer Regarding Sources of Concepts Assimilated and Integrity of Purpose:

Against the accusation of a mish-mash of different spiritual beliefs. I have studied intently sufficient to know what is what. I use the terms for the concepts most easy to make holistic sense of in relation to living experiences. A patchwork view after the dissolution at Babel.





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