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The following is more scattered 'wings in flight' than the focus of the original opening which has emerged during the telling. A collection of collections collectively a whole and expressing, explaining more than the sum of its parts. Most of this was written at a time where the flow was so strong the memor I have of writing it is the memory of watching myself as some other force took hold of my body to bring through the words which during copy-typing I now read as if for the first time. I sincerely believe this has to do with proximity and approach to the Ogham event of Saint Davids Day in Wales this year with its powerful energies.

Ohm & Holo - Part Three

Usually "as a creative" my 2nd Attention (Don Carlos) is more powerful and compelling than my 1st Attention (immediate). "inner sight" is the connectivity to others who we are energetically linked to.

When people call me 'egotist' it is annoying, not because of receiving it as an insult but because they are not accurately perceiving and making a bad judgement call.

I do question this, a lot, are they right? Should I check my ego? Most fo the time it is because to call someone egotistic is a control game used to demean them, and not an accurate description. People do not even know what 'ego' properly means, what it is. 

Ego inhibits clarity of perception and connection to higher functioning. People who have zero access to higher funcitoning and do not even know or experience perception from there, are evidently much more egoic than I am. That I am writing knowledgeably about experiences which can not be expeirenced if a person is controlled by ego is the proof of that. It is not "me" it is about the experiences and perceptions, which fascinate me so much to be scribing them so that others can read it and share a common affinity with the knowledge base. I have no interest in showing off about this stuff for personal glory. Simply this is how different life is for shamen. 

We need ego to make accurate judgement call and to orient in 1st Attention reality.

I have overcome / detached from it enough not to be bound to it - this is necessary for Second Attention. 

"How many times do you step back form it?" Dean Du Feau (on 3rd & etc)

Is that map even right? 

2nd Attention includes and evolves

Inner Connectivity with others,
elsewhere and elsewhen

'It's like Bluetooth'

"Oh, you are a writer!" she wrote, and promptly blocked me. In the duality of 'is it a joke' or 'her genuine social belief from some schizotypal idiom', I saw that she is a Player and psychotic. It took 6 months for me to clearly see that.

Writing is a Gift

for other people, and although gifted a writer is also cursed with a double-first Attention.
Writing is a Gate to Second Attention perception. 

Words are feather. They have no weight. A book is wings. 

"Nothing is ever finished" Pete Robinson, Risca School of Art

I do not complete it because I prefer not to shut the gate and set into stone that which is by its nature ephemeral, a living flow. 

It comes to life in a readers mind. 

"Imagination is not Imaginary." OGD (Matthers)

The change is - criticism does not break me now I have learned to scorn it, detached I am free of its chains and bonds to its dogma. This is her teaching, that which I have learned from her attitude. 

People think of "the 1% Elite" in terms of material wealth. Because peope are greedy and in poverty. People do not think of "the 1% elite" in terms of Spirituality. When they meet them: the same Hate. 

People cannot accept the acceleration curve of spiritual development can be attained with guidance from mystery schools. They are taught to reject it as cult and persecute the adept as crazy simply because culturally conditioned people perceive differently to the way spiritual adepts perceive.

Convenience wins unless it is ego or Love. When it is Love and faith so deep to build an ego around it, a potent force. If reciprocated, dedication. If rejected, obsession. 

The Ascent and sub-stantiation materialisation (body forms) and dematerialization (spirit ascends) that means it transcends substance.

sub : less than
stan - dard (of the level)
stance : to posit

Na-Ga to bring of or into the earth (geo) (substantiation) - serpent naga

Our souls were brought here through repilian birthing (dna) but not ALL souls - only this genotype which 'drank of the manna of the serpent gods' ("the vine" as metaphoric) / breathed of their vapour - the World Snake, Life Cult. Not All Life forms have reptilian cortex in their brain for specific self-awareness 

Ba - La - N - Chi 
('chep' is old Anglo-Saxon for 'trade' it literally means 'market' and is root of the word 'cheap')

internal BALANCE external
Judgement (maat)

cognitive development 
(ate from tree of Knowledge)

The Ascent was not literal 'levitating into the sky' it was dematerialization, from Earth (ge) to [WhiteZone] (death). Mayan Shamanism. Christed consciousness. 

Iesus example is an OBE (outer body experience) which many people have achieved, often purposefully, through use of shamanic plant spirit allies (herbs). 

When you know Truth you understand how christianity is a mutated version of that truth, it all fits into place. What Iesus was attempting to teach.

The Adonai is the 'elevated form of messiah' but what does that mean? 

Personality is grid of ST on each saints day, the grid conforms to that lucidity. 

5 into 4

S A into > it is AsYr
(As Is)

'curse of the azzur bonds'

an ancient grid we so caught in, our language structure itself reinforces that on levels fo cognition below (substrata) awareness. All language we speak retain the same codex. Being aware of it is seeing the code.

Americanadian Indians were taught xeno-linguistics to compare - most of that has knowledge base died off within the very recent past and living generations after thousands of generations of maintaining it. 

The Flood, Noah. Electrical. Electrolysis to stone. MUDFOSSILS. It happened. The Drowning. The waters receded. The New Earth. 

The reciprocal argument of "it is non-sense because non'sense says so."

90% of my living generation (40 years either side) do not have the cognitive faculty to recognize their own super-ego conditioning is blinding them. They call it 'normal' but it is non-sense. 


Pure, ancient words and word-blocks. Etymology. The constant concepts hidden in mutated contexts, of cultures and cultural conditioning.


Consisting of 
an excerpt from the 
snake apple tree





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