Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Elite

If you can control your emotions that is not deep emotions, they are shallow. Or they are repressed but still there, which causes pain. It is not an illness to have deep emotions. It is an illness to repress them. Controlling them is a test of whether they are real or a meme, an emotional virus or mind virus from some things taint. When the feeling wont go away it is real. Real people value that as the deep truth of our being. Shallow people call it illness. This is what my Celtic blood knows despite what state education tries to convince us to believe about ourselves. My emotions are my connection to life, to weather, to the crystal core of earth which i am made of, the voice and nature of the water which is most of my being, resonating and amplifying electro magnetic energy. It is not a mistake. When i ignore mental programming, "the condition": instinct is the deep and real. This part had to be said first.

When we use the term "elite" 99% of people assume it to mean wealth because most people are greedy and poor. Very few even believe in a spiritual elite because most people are not spiritual enough to accept that to be a real thing. The 1% spiritual elite are so far beyond the mainstream in assimilating insights into reality outside of social conditioning that the mainstream regard them as mentally ill. I am not talking about religious faith and dogma. When you know the truth you know it is outside of any religious framework, although truth permeates all cultures simply because it is the real. At elite levels of spiritual awareness a totally different cognition and context is used to interact with and discuss reality.

There is the scientific elite, not those with doctorates in physics and who peer review and teach academic dogma they have not themselves ever seen proofs of. Despite a paid profession to the title they are no more scientists than an ordained priest is a holy man. Most are experts in religious dogma, i mean that both for scientists and priests. A true scientist maintains clarity, objectivity that all we have are working theories which might easily ge overturned (for example, scalar physics when truly understood makes a mockery of all scientific "laws").

There are intellectual elite who verbiosely ascertain supremacy of comprehendable ability to transmit data worth transmitting without recourse to linguistic bafflement to disguise irrelevancy of purpose, yet are ridiculed by the egoic and regressive ignorant.

There are the compassionate elite. Those materialists who are passionless or can only experience shallow emotions, disregard the compassionate elite as valid, much as newtonian scientists disregard the bedini sg motor, much as non-spiritual people disregard that spiritual people are anything other than crackpots with a beguiling and permeating cohesion. They call the compassionate elite sluts, again describe them as suffering an illness.

The symbol of a winged goddess in Egyptology is Re, often mistaken for Isis. She is the emotional healer who uses her whole being, body mind and soul, to raise the functional level of community and she is worshipped as a goddess, emanation from the pure Sun. She is antithesis of Kali the vengeful destroyer for her ways are gentle. There are male Re also. Today society encourages division. We are not taught about 'complimentary gender', we are taught about 'opposite sex'. The indoctrination is deep and it requires deeply held emotion and well structured words to express innate truths.

Next time you are distracted by a meme about "the elite" contemplate what the originator meant and how yourself comprehend that. The goal of this essay is to highlight two things. One, is that the compassionate elite are by far the most important amongst us and two, that the spiritual elite have amongst them a living knowledge base which moe than any of the other types makes them a higher caste.

Now you can go write a story about true passion between two compassionates whose social role is to love those who need healing, because that is more comfortable for you to explore.


I wrote this to explain myself and to justify myself. Because it is the only way i can express how i feel about life in general and one person specifically. To show why I have to write.


©2017 Ordo Octopia
 Yes, avid and perceptive reader, both typo's are intentional, though unplanned.


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