Friday, 17 March 2017


She is brave. When I was working with animal skulls and bones I was surrounded by their spirits trying to communicate and all the emotions of animals frustrated at their situation. 

It is difficult enough communicating with human souls so much of the time, it came as an onslaught until I recognized how sensitive I am and what was happening to me - that I had to simplify my approach to everything means to respect it one heck of a lot more, in a different way - there is an obvious way once you start involving in this path, it involves a shift of thinking. 

I love working with bone it is such a beautiful material, for carving and simply holding, however it is very powerful, because it resonates not only with the species but the individual. Studying "how can this be possible?" combining with reiki and psychometry as well as the third eye chakra, it has taught me huge about energy fields and resonance, how the bodies water and electromangetic vibrations can be used to attune us. 

Developing psychic awareness - by the Carlos Casteneda / Yaqui shamanism knowledge base - all of this together as an holistic cohesive body of knowledge. It is on the one hand completely natural and can be explained scientifically once one understands what the human organism and energy fields are capable of. 

On the other hand it is mystic mumbo jumbo to people who have no spiritual connection at all. People of the Mind experience the world differently from Intuitives who do not have a mind-set as the center of their perceptions. 

The irony is that when you understand it completely, it is a science. Simply that it involves subtle energies which a lot of people, especially because of pollution affecting their systems, are too insensitive to connect with. As I mentioned, it can be overwhelming when you become utterly yin sufficient to study it to deeper levels.

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