Friday 3 March 2017


Ogham & Holo - Part Two

The sub-titles used here are a quick-reference memetic for self to associate the concepts further explored below in note form. The effort required to copy-type them means they become 'the bulk core thing itself' because further elaboration takes a lot longer literally years. 

Psilocybin and Telepathy, for the Percept of Holograms
Cats and Toxoplasma Gondii
both headings/sets of topics for Hive Minds

Coming toward the center of the Ogham (Aum) through and from which the gridding flows, lucid awareness of telepathic focus and lack of it in the souls around me. I am not seeing the bodies i am seeing those in resonance with, open hearts attuned with this flowing. The energy of Saint David and the grid of his Path toward Source and all the awareness involved. The Mind of the Saint seizing those whose hearts are somehow connected with it. Our children are singing songs of his dedication in the old language. As a part of this energetic circuit it is inevitable to be affected by it.

"She has a feline face" is because her cats project an energy field onto her. They are in an energetic relationship.

Overlays. I do not always see the form which energy configurations hold water hold facial muscle into / as. * sometimes i witness the fragmented, of unsettled layers.

Writing these words i was in split attention, configuring my inner vision and connectivity to the grid. Thus the words were specific block prints.                

They project their (hologrid/holofield) hologram onto the target.
The Attention is the projector.

I feel it on myself also when 4th dimensional "minds" are holding me, gripping me, gridding me to their vision. Assertive yang. I usually reject it because I prefer flowing yin. When I accept it, i walk that path, energetic attachments are like hook and line puppet strings steering us onward, by far most of them are greed based and it unsettles me. Accepting and forgiving and letting them go.

Cats teach us about this and other things because they are psychic creatures. It is why we worshipped them in Egypt. Their cognition is different to ours, they know about how consciousness can be realigned depending on who else is around and how energy fields affect multiple individuals at once to cause us to live through events, because of how energy works. Ge is a word for this, geo, associated with the anal muscle because that is where the shit comes out, that is where earth is made.

*multiple levels of teaching and perception. The phrasing of these notes, at the time when written was vague, in retrospect it is to permit an alternate teaching from second attention, the same words trigger secondary awareness. The hieroglyphs are written to do this but most scholars do not know about second attention because they forget Egyptian priests are shaman with different and expanded mental faculty, developed by methods showed in the stellae such as use of plant spirit allies.

On this occasion the phrase explaining 'being held into / as' indicates why it is called AsYr (modern: Assyria). Azzur, "As"-re (it emanates from here where the grid is held).

The study if this with Saint David within Christianity is to explore the study of how the language and mental grids we use (attain and or deviate from) were established long ago when our species mental form for cognitive development was set. Sound affects dna. Sound effects perceptions. Frog sperms become lizards in their eggs when specific sounds are played at them during fetal development. Human cognition is the same. Sound is the attunement.

Following this we study the waveforms of the long count and solar radiation. This is why we call the deity Re, the ray from the source. She holds that specific tonal harmonic and by dedicating to her, becoming energetically aligned to her, we channel that harmonic. St David is a different configuration stable around the same core. All cores of Ra, God, Source, Purity ( of being and of perception), whatever you call it. 'Allah' means "the whole" (al start, all) (la emanation, ley, the line of sight, the central balance of the oscillation) which is both the same as the Source but also indicates the macrocosm including all things, a different position of reference. This is why we need so many words and to know and agreed precisely what they mean, not using one word to mean another. 





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