Thursday 2 March 2017

The Bubble

The Idea that the people outside of the Bubble are dangerous, insane and to be repressed, is a brainwash designed to keep you inside the Bubble. 

Because when you are serving the Bubble and its brainwash, you are being exploited without even recognizing it. You are discouraged from associating with or listening to those who are outside the bubble and can see it in its entirety for what it is. 

You make a choice - leave it and its servants and its brainwash behind so that you can know Reality which means becoming one of the Outsiders, or remain part of the Bubble. The Bubble is eating our species in ways you are not ready yet to know about. It is an enemy of Humans. It prevents evolution. 

By giving labels to concepts, so that we can discuss our situation in context, we are helping to dissolve the Bubble.


Lesson One: Nobody is in control. Everybody is one of three categories in relation to this: Self-Controlled (is respectable), Slave or Delusional. A Slave is someone who believes rightly that someone else is in control. A Delusional is someone who believes wrongly that someone else is in control. This is all there is to it. Lesson One is very important.

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