Saturday, 18 March 2017


Somehow it seems beautifully fitting that this is the 69th blog I have made this year. 
Perhaps I need to slow my pace down somewhat.

Happy Birthday Duchamp's Fountain. 

Marcel Duchamp, influenced by contemplating African spirit-worshipping tools, which were stolen and exhibited in European galleries as art objects, changed the 20th Century approach to how we perceive our world. 

It opened up a lot of philosophy regarding psychology and perceptions. 

It goes hand in hand with Magritte's The Treachery Of Images (ceci n'est pas une pipe), 1948.

20th Century artists no longer required to record their environment and period of history because the invention of the Camera, could now explore a diaspora of other ideas through many art movements. How technology changed Art and culture. Duchamp's urinal is the original symbol for all that.

To the Africans, their fetish artifacts were used to communicate with the Spirit World, it is Shamanism, Spiritism. Westerners still have a long way to go to assimilate this as a real living tradition and necessary part of Life, to make sense of our purpose.


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