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A Yin Mote


Please do not read the following as evidence of sexism. It is not intended as such. It is an observation of several decades living in a particularly gender imbalanced society and is accurate to widespread experienced and statistical fact rather than to popular misperception and samsara (which means 'programmed confusion’ from buddhist, the conditioned and distracted mind).

People in this society are very rarely instructed upon how to use the mind properly, successfully, and functionally. Instead a lot of energy is used on perverting the mind so that the ego controls the self. We cannot progress spiritually when the ego controls the self. We cannot develop ESP ability when the ego controls the self, only a taste of it sufficient for the ego to convince that it is supreme. This is the most common fallacy which befalls humans. Here, we are exploring the problems faced by those of us who are adepts from the advanced school. Many of you have not even been initiated into the basic school and therefore will not be ready for it; you will likely have an ego-reaction to it, hence the disclaimer that I sincerely am not intentionally being sexist here, merely reporting the situation as it is in practical experience.

Having read similar reports from different cultures in different lands from over a thousand years ago, I recognize that my teachers were facing the same problems, which means either, some or all of three things;
-one, that it is a common human issue to all communities everywhere and must be addressed as a part of the human condition, or
-two, that ancient writers whose works survived to educate, and myself, both live during unusual times where the problem is strong in society and yet we have no record of the interim so cannot assume it to have been strong during the interim, or
-three, that I have been so heavily influenced by the teachers outlook that it has become also my outlook.

Upon assessing the evidence I believe that it is a mixture of all three, however please note that I have listed them in the order which I believe to be the most likely. That this entire preface must exist to justify that I am both sensible in my approach and that I am afraid of any ego reactionary accusation of sexism where I truly am not, further shows what sort of society I live in. It should be read with the awareness that both myself and my ancient teachers are honouring females as being the more telepathic of the two genders in general and not as an attack on females. We are actually working toward gender equality in a spiritually advanced society, toward an evolved humanity; which is taking thousands of years to achieve.

The following is the main text which is more important than the prefacing paragraph.

Apparently in-depth, is merely an outline overview.

Most of the time, the telepathic females do not tell their male counterparts that they are telepathic. This means they are not entirely honest with their male counterparts, therefore they are not respecting the males, as equal counterparts. They do not recognize the males to be psychic because the males are of a different spectrum and the methods for breaking the barrier are something which requires both telepathic and psychic affirmation and re-affirmation to strengthen the bond. This is how we are designed. There is also that females have domination over child-raising and educate males differently to how they educate females. This also is a major factor in why females develop psychic ability at a different rate and in a different way to how males do. Females who recognize their own telepathy but who do not teach males, are treating them not as an equal but as a drone. All humans of both genders are capable of telepathy. Females do seem to prefer to live in a world of drones rather than to publicly admit that telepathy is real. The gender culture are very different. Our purpose here is open communication to break down those gender barriers. It is necessary for human development.

Personally I am of a different spectrum even to most males. My third-eye test scores are off the top of the scale. I am astropathic rather than telepathic. I telepath with animals, trees, spirits, ghosts and trans-dimensional, more frequently than I telepath with women and much more often than I telepath with men.

In relationships, when developing as couple, if one of the pair is telepathic and the other is less telepathic, both partners need to communicate about this by studying telepathy together. So far as the sexual teachings of the kundalini school of the rainbow feathered serpent go, which has been a major but not exclusive influence on my own development, it is essential to communicate both telepathically and non telepathically, about telepathy.

A major factor in my own development is that we live in a world of psychic attack being more commonplace than is communicating about telepathy, or indeed communicating telepathically. Mainstream does not comprehend what telepathy actually is nor what it is like to be openly, fully telepathic. They call it a mental disorder. This is how abusers of telepathic abilities continue to get away with abuses which are not recognized as real by for example mainstream state professional psychologists. The official state teachings of how the mind works are left-brained and barbaric, therefore they are not in balance, functional and evolutionary.

I use so much energy on defending myself against psychic attack that I do not let my shields down to telepath with other people until I feel safe to do so. Most females who I know who are telepathic, cannot reach through to me because my shields are up most of the time. This does not mean that I am not telepathic which is their most common reaction to not being able to reach me on those levels. Most of them cannot access the heights I can and so, not seeing any connection at their own levels, assume me to be a drone. This is not egoism on my part, it is merely how things are because i have dedicated decades to pursuing the techniques from specialist schools which the mainstream has ever heard of.

What happens is that the person believing themselves to be telepathic and that the other person is a drone, assume it to be permissible to program the drone telepathically. This is against the law of free will and therefore is a form of abuse. Programming a person telepathically occurs at a different frequency than communicating telepathically with a person. Telepaths often forget that other, higher observers can always see what is happening in couples and in individuals and many of them often use the same on the people as the people use on each other; they believe that if you behave a certain way toward others then it justifies them to behave that way with you. When programming a person at a higher level than the persons conscious ability to recognize, higher up the silver chain to create behavioural and mental modifications, that persons perception grid is re-set.

Developing human telepaths are not the most advanced psychics in the world. I have been given the task, which has taken me over twenty years, of being able to observe and understand this specific thing sufficiently to communicate it back to other telepaths. That has been my assigned task and it is what I am now doing by making this manuscript.

The danger element is that most people are not telepathic and they regard those of us who are, as crazy. So there is a reason telepathic consciousness remains entirely unspoken verbally, unless you are in a safe relationship with someone. Even then, higher consciousnesses observe our thoughts and feelings. Thought is energy, every opinion creates a wave which is recorded into the akashic.

When teachers begin teaching groups, they are often accused of cultist activity. The intention is purely on human evolution and not on creating cults. We forget that we serve divine entities which we cannot see, that very often they work through us, through individuals and through groups, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we know the other group members or not. We channel them because we are servants to them, not because we want to create a psychic power base with drones serving us.

The difference between left-brain rationality, right-brain creativity, balanced-brain functionality, must be understood as does its effects on social structures. The lower spectrum, controlling entities seek to create and sustain akashic levels and systems by which they can exploit human energy fields by feeding on lower energy spectrums, which are maintained by control based power structures. This manifests as social structures such as usury based capitalism and hierarchy based governance systems.

We however are more spiritually inclined and seek, to quote the mantra from Ordo Octopia;

“Ascension through Balance, Balance through Ascension.”

It is with great sadness that I have actually given up attempting to teach even the basic education from the Rainbow Feathered Serpent in both its Lightworker and Tantric aspects, from the original Order of the Morning Star of the lineage of High Priest Victa Corvo, to the people of South Wales simply because they are totally unresponsive to it.

A handful of people have heard about it from me and probably assume themselves to be experts without having ever finished listening to me explain the outline what it is all about. Yet they are excited about being exploited by the abuse system which is the Shades of Gray alignment of justifying abusive relationships.

So much for South Wales as a spiritually evolving nation. They prefer and respect aggression here while actively repressing positive energy. I will be long dead before people become aware of what they have missed out on. The handful of people who are ready for such teachings are twenty years older than myself.

I can only accuse bad parenting by permitting television indoctrination rather than developing lucid consciousness to educate the younger generations. It is a cultural attack by corporate exploitation and it has destroyed the communities here. My life has been dedicated toward attempting to Humanize humans by sharing the ancient techniques. There are no humans here to be Humanized; they are all reptilian drones. They do not even recognize it and where they do, they Hate. The methods of my lineage are founded on Love.

A Yin mote in a Yang sea. 

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