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2014 SciFi Movie Must List

2014 SciFi Movie Must List

Another Earth
Radio Free Albemuth
Cloud Atlas
Upstream Color
The Zero Theorum

the texture and colour in this image!

There are still a few I haven’t yet seen, if anything else good turns up I will add it to this list but so far the rest of it is all shit.

Transcendence and Lucy are the same thing, and Humans are not ready mentally-emotionally for nanotech revolution yet, largely because the banks are exploiting governments to go to war so it is impossible for the 99.9% of us to spiritualize which is what most of us are into in our own monkey brained ways. New Planet of the Apes of course is always going to be worth checking out.

For the remainder of this blog you are going to have to start taking note of the symbolism. 

Gilliams new one is bollocks, sorry man. But I will explain why. All of your previous films are a hard act to follow. The new one strikes too many chords. It is written about me and my lifestyle. Otaku on Grids, striving for an answer to an undefined quest/question, dealing with psychotic corporations and surveillance culture = other peoples opinions, the ones in control throwing hardship at the ones who believe ourselves to be specialist genius's, although in our isolation we are simply numbers of the same, we have sold individuality to become clones of something disfunctional. The movie makes me/us face up to recognizing that the things which to an individual are ordinary and commonplace, daily routines, they are boring and invisible; yet to the next person, these same things are extraordinary and fascinating because they are different. Even minute difference amplify into vast (searches for analogy - is it a canyon or a forest of difference?). And what Gilliam is doing here, is that he is highlighting how many of us are isolated and exist, come alive only through interface with computer because therein is the drive, the promise, of something better. We cannot detach from it to see that the answer is not in technology. I found this movie to be boring because it is like looking into a mirror. As a social comment, thousands of us react the same or similar way to it. And that is why Gilliam is a genius. That is why this movie is better than we are capable of recognizing. The people with no affinity to the content of this movie will probably have no frame of reference and see it as a mildly interesting bizzare comedy. For us, it is a statement, a voice of what we are at this time in history.  It is the only one of the movies listed that I have reacted to by writing about it despite that it speaks for itself as they all do. Ok Gilliams new movie is not bollocks. As usual it is probably the best, again, although there is less peace there and his sense of sublime is that of the rat.

lana was laurence and andy wachowski do deja vu

Waiting for next year, the Wakowski Bros new one Jupiter Ascending. They seem to have researched it pretty damn well from what the trailers show, reptilians and grays involved in planet farming. Realism is a vital element of quality sci-fi. 

badda boom!

Bruce & Rumer Willis at the debut screening of Surrogates

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